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Lease renewal may seem like a straightforward process—talk to your landlord about your rent, sign an addendum, get it stamped—and you’re done. But, take a good look at your rental home: have the walls begun to peel? Is the air-conditioner radiating hot air? Does your sink leak? These may be issues you would like your landlord to address—but you’re also concerned that raising them would merit your landlord to increase your rent. Here is what you can do to make tenancy renewal a bre
Responsible waste management is an indispensable part of daily life—perhaps even more so when you're moving homes. If you're not sure what to do with the poster bed that doesn't quite fit into your new cosy abode, or the set of silver chrome bar stools that would stick out like sore thumbs against the rustic decor of your future residence, why not give them away to charity, or have them sold at a second hand shop? Here are six used furniture door-to-door recycling services that ca
8 December 2017 - Property investors often use companies to hold real estate because personal property ownership could get expensive: when treating property as an investment, a small percentage difference in taxes between company and personal ownership can translate into a difference of millions of dollars. Using holding companies to transfer the ownership of properties is therefore a sought-after tactic to reduce taxes. But—is it for you? We look at the pros and cons of usi
You’ve scoured the property market and invested in the perfect Hong Kong apartment to rent out—now you’ll just have to find the perfect tenant who will pay rent on time, remain reasonable and cooperative, and, hopefully, rent your property for as long as your property is on the rental housing market. While social media and forums are among the first places people turn to when searching for apartments in Hong Kong, the sheer number of people who browse apartment listings and make e
With no sign of a cooling property market, many people in Hong Kong are resorting to purchasing property with joint funds—the purchase of a property by two or more parties, such as friends, families or relatives, who share the loan and ownership. But is buying properties with joint funds really the answer to home ownership? We look at the potential perks—and what you may be getting yourself into: Pros You pay less for more Soaring housing price
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