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Hong Kong’s New Stamp Duty Amendment Explained

In the recent 2022 Policy Address, the Hong Kong government announced a concession of the extra stamp duty in a bid to attract overseas professionals and talents to the city. Under the new stamp duty amendment, eligible non-locals who purchase residential property in Hong Kong will be entitled to nearly a 30% refund of the stamp duty paid on the p
By:’s Monica Tse promotes her sole agent property, Y.Y. Mansion on TVB property agent Monica Tse was featured on TVB property program, 日日有樓睇on 3 Sep 2021, where she showcased an apartment in Y.Y. Mansion, Pokfulam.The advertised 3 beds/ 3 baths unit is located in a quiet area of Pokfulam Road, this stylish apartment is ideal for a family looking for modern décor and versatility. The clever use of room partit


Hong Kong, June 10, 2021 - is proud to announce it has become a Founding Member of Forbes Global Properties, a new curated marketplace for the luxury and ultra-luxury real estate markets around the world.Launched in December 2020, Forbes Global Properties seeks to connect discerning buyers and owners of the world’s finest homes. In joinin

The Many Ways a Real Estate Agent Can Help with Your Home Purchase

10 December 2020 - Whether it’s your first home purchase or you’ve bought residences before, the procedures and regulations involved in home-buying can be truly daunting. A major acquisition like a new flat can affect your life in lots of ways for many years if not decades to come. That’s why it is so important to have a licensed and experienced p

Why Joining Forces With a Real Estate Agent Is So Important When Selling Your Home

25 November 2020 - These days, the idea selling a home on your own without professional outside help might seem like a smart way to keep real estate agent fees in your pocket. However, history is filled with numerous tales about the pitfalls associated with DIY home sellers as today the complexities and procedures involved in real estate transacti

Transforming Your Home with Thai Style

5 November 2020 - The current global pandemic and subsequent international travel bans have hit Hong Kong residents especially hard with respect to one of their favorite destinations – Thailand. World-renowned Thai cultural treasures are manifold, not the least of which is the Thai sense of interior home decorating.Home owners and flat dwellers in

[Interior Design] Pursuing the Beauty of Simplicity - Minimalist, Non-print Decorating Style

7 October 2020 - While there are many types of outdoor design styles, this time we’d like to introduce the widely admired Japanese Muji style for the coming year. It looks nice, isn’t overly complicated, and it’s indeed quite popular. This chic and simple style of home decoration is based mainly on light or earth-tone colors, which give a clean an

7 Tips to Consider if You Plan to Sell Your Home in Hong Kong

5 October 2020 - Events over the past year or so have contributed to significant economic turmoil in Hong Kong and by extension seriously upset the once predictably expensive local home property market. As a result, increasing numbers of homeowners in the Territory are now opting to sell their homes and reap whatever profits they can. With this in
By:’s New Online Property Search App

25 September 2020 - Buying or renting a new home in Hong Kong can become a truly daunting experience made all the more difficult given recent social distancing measures. Finding the right place at the right price requires extremely accurate and detailed information. And while the large number highly professional real estate agents in Hong Kong are

4 major steps: to fully protect your renovation plan!

27 August 2020 - Each year Hong Kong records a large number of disputes concerning interior home decoration work. In fact, the Consumer Council rates it as one of the top three most complaint-ridden industries in Hong Kong. Do you want to avoid disputes and protect your decoration plans?Let’s take a look at four things that must not be overlooked
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