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Hong Kong's Leading Tech-Driven Property Agency
O-KAY” [屋企] meaning ‘home’ in Cantonese
"Welcome to my home."
in a pleasing and reassuring manner
"It’s OKAY, we’re here to help."

When we approached an industry plagued with property websites full of misleading listings, misaligned incentives and internal competition amongst agents, we knew something was wrong.

Agents were forced to keep their best listings private to protect their own interests. Owners weren’t getting full exposure for their properties and homeseekers weren’t seeing all the properties on the market.

So, we changed the model altogether.

We created the right incentives for agents to share information and align their interests – with clients, landlords and each other.

We created a cost structure that would provide higher incomes and attract the best real estate professionals in the market.

We built proprietary, mobile technology so our agents could provide better information to their clients so they, in turn, would save time and make more informed decisions.

We have changed the game for agents and in turn, transformed the experience for the clients we serve.

Having helped thousands of clients to lease, purchase or sell their properties, we look forward to helping you with your real estate needs.