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OKAY.com Tommy Kwan Promote Marina South on Cable TV

12 August 2019 - OKAY.com’s agent Tommy Kwan is featured on Cable TV’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 3 August 2019, where he showcased an apartment in Marina South, Aberdeen.
By: Tommy Kwan

OKAY.com CEO Joshua Miller Featured on Mid-levels Magazine

8 August 2019 - In an interview with Mid-levels Magazine, OKAY.com CEO Joshua Miller shared his thoughts on rental trend in Hong Kong. here are some of the highlights: Rents in Hong Kong have continued to inch upwards this year, fueled by broadly positive sentiment in the overall markets (including the financial markets).  We did see a brief abat
By: Joshua Han Miller

OKAY.com Nina Schulte-Mattler & Liza Boltz Promote Positano, Discovery Bay on Cable TV

19 June 2019 - OKAY.com’s agents Nina Schulte-Mattler and Liza Boltz are featured on Cable TV’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 15 June 2019, where they showcased a Sole Agent apartment in Positano, Discovery Bay.
By: Liza Boltz

OKAY.com Director Andrea Adams Ott Promotes Cherry Crest on TVB

4 April 2019 - OKAY.com’s Director (Residential Division) Andrea Ott was featured on TVB’s Hong Kong property program “Closer Look At Property” (「樓市點睇」) on 1 April 2019, where she showcased an apartment in Cherry Crest, Mid-levels West.
By: Andrea Adams Ott

OKAY.com Hiroko Byrne & Amelia Ng Promote Redhill Peninsula on iCable

29 March 2019 - OKAY.com’s agents Hiroko Byrne and Amelia Ng were featured on iCable’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 23 March 2019, where they showcased an apartment in Redhill Peninsula, Tai Tam.
By: Amelia Ng

OKAY.com Andrea Ott 授訪東方日報<港錢無國界>

2019年2月12日 - OKAY.com住宅物業部總監Andrea Ott 於2月10日的東網電視中詳談成為香港地產代理的成功之道。
By: Andrea Adams Ott

小型代理行棄地舖 OKAY.com逆市擴充

2019年2月4日- 【明報專訊】過去數月樓市調整,不少大型代理行都暫停擴充或讓員工自然流失,不過,主要以網上運作的OKAY.com(中文名為屋企),去年卻逆市擴充,人手增加五成之多,今年更有計劃再增聘約六成人手,該行稱公司客群主要為高購買力人士,受到樓市影響較少。成立於2011年的OKAY.com,有別於市場上大部分的代理行,不設地舖,僅在中環、銅鑼灣及愉景灣3處設有辦公室,OKAY.com行政總裁孫漢忠(Joshua Han Miller)表示,該行目前代理人數約有120人,單是過去一年已增加了五成,目標今年內增加至約200人。上述3間辦公室中,有1間於去年新增,公司計劃於今年內再增設新的共享辦公室,目標地點為港島西及九龍區。 擬年內增聘六成人手 增設共享辦公室能夠在逆市中擴充,孫漢忠
By: Joshua Han Miller

OKAY.com Jayde Pamuk Promotes Igloo Residence on iCable

31 December 2018 - OKAY.com’s Manager Jayde Pamuk was featured on iCable’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 22 December 2018, where she showcased an apartment in Igloo Residence, Happy Valley.
By: Jayde Pamuk

OKAY.com Director Lily Wong Featured on squarefoot magazine

20 December 2018 – In an interview with squarefoot magazine, OKAY.com director Lily Wong discusses high life living on or around the Peak and Mid-Levels. Here are some of her high life property recommendations: EredineThe 53-year-old Eredine is a Swire Properties development located on 38 Mount Kellett Road. Each of its units has a saleable area
By: Lily Wong

Proptech leader OKAY.com expands amid market downturn in opening its latest co-working space in Causeway Bay

21 November 2018 - OKAY.com, Hong Kong’s leading tech-enabled property agency today announced the opening of its newest co-working style office in Causeway Bay.  This marks the third office for the proptech real estate agency, which already covers Hong Kong’s major residential districts via its online presence and mobile property agents. “We’re