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Regent Height

Western District
HKD 21.8M / 55K Inc.
764 / 904 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Jessica Ho

Hatton Place

Mid-levels West
HKD 35M / 70K Inc.
1,216 / 1,579 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Soi M Schmeelke-Puan

Aqua Blue (House)

Tuen Mun
HKD 108M
4,259 / 5,984 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Vion Wong

Cheong King Court

Mid-levels West
HKD 6.38M
271 / 359 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Chris K C Chan

Ko Nga Court

Sai Ying Pun
HKD 8.9M
477 / 644 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Yohanita Tajuddin (Sayaka)

Connaught Garden

Sai Ying Pun
HKD 8.38M
334 / 442 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Tommy Kwan


Sheung Wan
912 / 1,450 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Louise Garnaut

Baguio Villa

HKD 26.5M
1,296 / 1,590 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Lily Wong

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25 November 2020 - These days, the idea selling a home on your own without professional outside help might seem like a smart way to keep real estate agent fees in your pocket. However, history is filled with numerous tales about the pitfalls associated with DIY home sellers as today the complexities and procedures involved in real estate transactions can indeed be quite daunting. With this in mind, we have detailed a host of important reasons why teaming up with a professional real

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5 November 2020 - The current global pandemic and subsequent international travel bans have hit Hong Kong residents especially hard with respect to one of their favorite destinations – Thailand. World-renowned Thai cultural treasures are manifold, not the least of which is the Thai sense of interior home decorating. Home owners and flat dwellers in Hong Kong are always on the lookout for ways to transform their living spaces with that special type of ambience, natural comfort and t

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7 October 2020 - While there are many types of outdoor design styles, this time we’d like to introduce the widely admired Japanese Muji style for the coming year. It looks nice, isn’t overly complicated, and it’s indeed quite popular. This chic and simple style of home decoration is based mainly on light or earth-tone colors, which give a clean and tidy impression, and offer a comfortable, laid-back feeling for the owner. If you also like this style of decoration, please look at t

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5 October 2020 - Events over the past year or so have contributed to significant economic turmoil in Hong Kong and by extension seriously upset the once predictably expensive local home property market. As a result, increasing numbers of homeowners in the Territory are now opting to sell their homes and reap whatever profits they can. With this in mind, if you are thinking of selling your home as well, here are some important tips and advice to remember so you can maximize the

OKAY.com’s New Online Property Search App

25 September 2020 - Buying or renting a new home in Hong Kong can become a truly daunting experience made all the more difficult given recent social distancing measures. Finding the right place at the right price requires extremely accurate and detailed information. And while the large number highly professional real estate agents in Hong Kong are there to help prospective buyers or renters, there are also a number of dedicated apps that the public can use to help get the entire search
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