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Headland Village - Seabee Lane

Discovery Bay
HKD 26.5M
1,406 / 1,642 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Nina Schulte-Mattler

Mountain Lodge

The Peak
2,222 / 2,600 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Jenson Au

Regent Height

Western District
HKD 23.9M
764 / 904 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Jessica Ho

Sum Way Mansion

Western District
HKD 7M / 26K Inc.
355 / 420 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Tommy Kwan

Shek O Village

Shek O
HKD 28.89M
1,453 / 1,453 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Belinda M L Woo

Peninsula Village - Jovial Court

Discovery Bay
HKD 15.9M
1,525 / 1,792 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Nina Schulte-Mattler

Aqua Blue (House)

Tuen Mun
HKD 120M
4,259 / 5,984 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Vion Wong

Regent Palisades

1,180 / 1,509 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Tommy Kwan

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Insights, Analysis and Property News

OKAY.com’s Tommy Kwan and Belinda Woo Shared Their Property Market Insights with SCMP

9 July 2020 - SCMP consulted OKAY.com's Tommy Kwan and Belinda Woo about the recent trend of property buyers seeking upscale local residences by the sea and the consequences of this trend. Scroll down to read more! Tommy Kwan, of Okay Property Agency, says the main reason people choose Repulse Bay is for the wide sea view. “You can see as far as Lamma Island on a clear day,” he says. Watching sunsets over the water are particularly peaceful to unwind after work, Kwan adds.

Taiwan & Japan ‘Decoration Lite’ Trend: 14-day Home Transformation

12 June 2020 - Many people's homes in Hong Kong are old not well decorated and show signs of peeling paint. And, the reason for not making improvements is often not a lack of money or living circumstances, but rather it’s because there is just no time to take care of the property. In fact, this problem is not unique to Hong Kong. The concept of ‘decorating lite’ has sprung up in Taiwan and Japan in recent years and is aimed at the busy urbanite. Compared to a complete overhaul home

HK Homeowners are in Much Better Shape Today Than During Past Crises

12 May 2020 - They say that the first casualty of war is the truth. Today with the current full throttle global war on the corona virus underway, predictions of future events often seem to be negatively overblown and exaggerated. Take for example New York’s Governor Anthony Cuomo in the US who initially said his state needed 30,000 respirators to help corona virus patients there. That number turned out to be too high by an order of magnitude. As it turned out, the truth is New York

The Coronavirus and Local Social Unrest Have Dampened the Local Housing Market

15 April 2020 The Signs of Market Optimism Seems like the drumbeat of bad news will never end with the coronavirus taking centerstage in everyone’s lives here in Hong Kong and around the world. This, coming on the heels of last year’s widespread social unrest throughout the Territory, is sure to completely decimate the local real estate market in 2020 - or so some industry pundits have been saying. Yet, despite the dire warnings about an imminent housing collapse that would seem

The 2020 Hong Kong Budget - Real Estate Market Overview

12 March 2020 - Property cooling duty measures to remain Many in Hong Kong recently waited with great anticipation to learn the details of the 2020 Budget Address delivered by Finance Chief Paul Chan, especially as it would relate to measures affecting the real estate market. Ultimately, policy-wise nothing of breath-taking significance was presented. Despite some calls within the real estate sector for their withdrawal, existing property cooling measures will remain in place as

Despite the Current Coronavirus Crisis, Real Estate Experts Don’t Foresee Prices Fal

12 March 2020 - Amidst the black-swan emergence of the coronavirus, rather than simply state my own views about the potential impact on property prices, I want to also summarize what various real estate experts across different parts of the industry are saying.  Here’s a range of recent comments from real estate professionals, followed by my own views, for you to consider before making an important property decision - whether that’s to buy, sell or remain on the sidelines for the moment
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