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Buying a home in Hong Kong as with buying property anywhere requires extensive forethought and research. From personal contextual requirements to vendor issues and legal regulations, the following advice aims to map out the key points of consideration for the first time home buyer in Hong Kong. Personal Requirements These form the base criteria that define your property search parameters, first and foremost being your price range. Be realistic, not aspirationa
Before embarking on your search for the ideal tenant, it is important to note your duties as a landlord under common law, namely that you (i) pay property tax and any other fees agreed upon in the tenancy agreement, (ii) ensure that the property is in a good condition and (iii) not affect your tenant’s reasonable enjoyment of the property by respecting their privacy. With these requirements met, you should also be aware of your tenant’s implied duties under the law. This will hel
Given the introduction of the stamp duty in November and low LTV ratios offered by banks, the hurdles associated with obtaining adequate financing have led to a slump in demand for second-hand properties in Hong Kong. Cooling measures notwithstanding, with the secondary market constituting the lion’s share of housing units in Hong Kong, it is in your interest as a potential home buyer, to consider second-hand property. Generally better placed in terms of location, convenience and
You’ve set your sights on a three-bedroom apartment on the Southside—perfect for your growing family. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make the purchase without selling your current flat. But with the new baby on the way and your daughter about to start school, selling first could mean your family would have nowhere decent to stay during the transition. So, what do you do—buy, or sell first? We break down the pros and cons. Buying First Pros
8 December 2017 - Property investors often use companies to hold real estate because personal property ownership could get expensive: when treating property as an investment, a small percentage difference in taxes between company and personal ownership can translate into a difference of millions of dollars. Using holding companies to transfer the ownership of properties is therefore a sought-after tactic to reduce taxes. But—is it for you? We look at the pros and cons of usi
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