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The Hong Kong Government is responsible for the handling of political affairs, legislation and administrative policies under the one country, two systems principle established following British rule. This section of the site summarizes key bills, duties and laws passed by the Legislative Council as well as information released by government bodies in regards to immigration, holidays and more.

Visitors – defined as someone who does not plan to reside for more than twelve months – can drive on the strength of an overseas license or international permit. Otherwise you must apply for a Hong Kong Driving License. This is valid for ten years and issued to those aged eighteen and above. (Over 60s are issued with less than ten years’ validity and require a medical certificate.) You may be exempted from a driving test if your current license is from a country approved by the Hong
1. Land Holdings and Registration Systems 1.1 Land holdings All land in Hong Kong is owned by the People’s Republic of China as State property and is managed by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Government) under the Basic Law of Hong Kong. Land identified as suitable for private development is sold by the Government through public auction or tender. Government can make land available through direct grant although this is only in limited circumstance
• Introduction • Government Objectives • Perception • Summary • Rates 1. Introduction The Government of the Hong Kong SAR has recently introduced a number of amendments to the stamp duty regime in Hong Kong with the intention of cooling an over-heated property market. Implementing legislation for Special Stamp Duty and Buyer’s Stamp Duty has been passed under the Stamp Duty (Amendment) Ordinance 2014 which was gazetted on 28 February 2014 and
Postal Service: The Hong Kong Postal Service is excellent and offers affordable postal rates, quick delivery times, and efficient and polite bilingual counter staff. It also is an inexpensive and ready source of supply for envelopes, postal boxes and tubes of all sizes. Operating hours are Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. The main GPO in Central is open seven days a week including public holidays. Postal boxes are green and located throughout Hong Kong on convenie
Hong Kong is a multicultural city that celebrates both Eastern and Western holidays. Regardless of religious beliefs, the entire community observes the major Chinese festivals and other holidays held throughout the year, with fantastic celebrations in town in addition to the option to head out-of-town for a long weekend. Chinese Festivals As a Chinese-oriented city, half of the public holidays in Hong Kong are related to Chinese festivals. Fo
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