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Hong Kong has a range of highly ranked universites, extended learning opportunities, local as well as international schools and kindergartens. This section provides key facts about Hong Kong education, and advice on which options might be best for you or your children.

Although non-Chinese speaking children are encouraged to enroll in a public sector school – where the medium of instruction is primarily Chinese (Cantonese) with English taught as a core subject – in fact most attend an international private school. Offering a curriculum based on the educational systems of Australia, Canada, France, German-Swiss, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom or the United States, many have also moved towards the International Baccalaureate program, as is t
Being praised as the perfect blend of East and West cultures, Hong Kong has established itself as one of Asia Pacific’s dominant cities and a leading study destination. Education system in Hong Kong is well developed to meet the demand from both local and foreign students, offering a wide diversity of degree or diploma programmes in recognized higher education institutions. At present, there are 20 local degree-awarding institutions in Hong Kong, of which 2 universities ranked within to
Overseen by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, the education system in Hong Kong is well-developed to serve both local and international students. The Hong Kong government provides 12-years of free education through public primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary schools while only primary and junior secondary education are mandatory. Kindergarten in Hong Kong Kindergartens in Hong Kong, also known as pre-primary education, aim at enhancing children’s phys
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