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The size of Hong Kong properties is a commonly derided topic, yet there are gems in the rough that boast practical layouts which optimize a property’s saleable area in addition to featuring high ceilings, large windows and an abundance of wall space to let your creativity shine: loft spaces. In Hong Kong, landlords who own commercially zoned properties, have followed the worldwide trend to convert these spacious units into attractive, value for money living spaces that i
So, you’ve signed a tenancy agreement or finally made the leap onto HK’s lucrative property ladder. Moving dates are sorted and you are looking forward to creating new memories in your new house. But first… the daunting task of moving home must be attended to. Moving is often said to be the third most stressful event in one’s life, behind the death of a loved one and divorce. When you live in Hong Kong, it’s also an event that you will likely encounter every 2 years, or befo
Before embarking on your search for the ideal tenant, it is important to note your duties as a landlord under common law, namely that you (i) pay property tax and any other fees agreed upon in the tenancy agreement, (ii) ensure that the property is in a good condition and (iii) not affect your tenant’s reasonable enjoyment of the property by respecting their privacy. With these requirements met, you should also be aware of your tenant’s implied duties under the law. This will hel
Lease renewal may seem like a straightforward process—talk to your landlord about your rent, sign an addendum, get it stamped—and you’re done. But, take a good look at your rental home: have the walls begun to peel? Is the air-conditioner radiating hot air? Does your sink leak? These may be issues you would like your landlord to address—but you’re also concerned that raising them would merit your landlord to increase your rent. Here is what you can do to make tenancy renewal a bre
You’ve scoured the property market and invested in the perfect Hong Kong apartment to rent out—now you’ll just have to find the perfect tenant who will pay rent on time, remain reasonable and cooperative, and, hopefully, rent your property for as long as your property is on the rental housing market. While social media and forums are among the first places people turn to when searching for apartments in Hong Kong, the sheer number of people who browse apartment listings and make e
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