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If you are looking for information on keeping pets in Hong Kong, buying pets in Hong Kong or moving to the city with Fido or Fifi in tow, you will be able to find related information on this section of our site.

The family cat or dog (except for certain fighting breeds) is welcome to come along as long as government requirements are followed. A minimum quarantine of four months may be imposed, depending on the country of origin. Group I is normally exempted from quarantine. Group II may be exempted if all conditions and requirements are met. Group III (all other countries) is subject to quarantine. Regardless, you must follow exact procedures and provide the necessary documentation, in or
If you’re an animal lover, it’s no secret that pets can brighten up your life and those of your family members. When deciding whether to adopt a pet in Hong Kong, one should look beyond the surface and understand that animals, like children, will require attention, love and care. Compared to other countries, looking after pets in HK might be easier with domestic help, however, the smaller average home size and lack of immediate outdoor space can prove quite challenging – especiall
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