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Top tips for moving to Hong Kong with kids

10 January 2020 - The massive, vibrant and densely crowded city of Hong Kong is one of the most striking and intense in the world. From its fast moving street food scene to the iconic neon architecture, this is a city unlike any other.Home to an array of promising career opportunities, Hong Kong has traditionally been particularly strong in financ

The New Vacancy Tax: Implications for Hong Kong’s Real Estate Investors

Government taking active measures to cool off the housing market8 January 2020 - It has been widely reasoned that the demonstrations over the past six months in Hong Kong have been driven, in part, by frustrations of young locals locked out of the residential property market due to price that have risen to incredible levels over the years. The gov
By: Joshua Han Miller

Do you Own a Dog? You Might Want to Consider These Places to Live

3 January 2020 - Several years ago when a friend first thought about moving to Ma Wan, she was so excited to see that nearly everyone had a dog. There were so many dogs, in fact, she began to think that maybe they actually came with each flat. Needless to say, disappointment set in when ultimately the  landlord specifically forbade having a dog on
By:’s Tommy Kwan Promotes Bella Vista on Cable TV

31 December 2019 -’s agent Tommy Kwan is featured on Cable TV’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 14 December 2019, where he showcased an apartment in Bella Vista, Mid-levels West.
By: Tommy Kwan

Design Your Own Pro Listening Room at Home

30 December 2019 - As the technology for music recording has become more and more sophisticated over the past 30 years or so, it only makes sense that true music lovers want to enjoy their favorite LPs, CDs or even wav files on the best audio equipment possible. But those world-class amplifiers turntables and speakers, etc. still require the ideal

Great Decorating Ideas Using Candles Throughout Your Home

20 December 2019 - Who doesn’t respond positively when entering a room with tastefully arranged candles that add a warm, special glowing ambience?  When setting up candle displays in your home, you can create a wide range of wonderful moods, so that you and your guests feel truly relaxed and at peace. All it takes are some simple, creative accesso

Exciting 2020 Interior Design Trends - Top Industry Pro Tips to Help Transform Your Home

17 December 2019 - Pantone recently announced that ‘classic blue’ was named ‘Color of the Year’ for 2020! If you didn’t already know that then read on, this article is definitely for you to help you stay current with some of the most popular home interior design trends for the coming year. Velvet is perhaps an unlikely texture trend in this day an

The Light Behind the Gloom in Hong Kong - Positive Trends in Financials and Property

12 December 2019 - Over the past six months while Hong Kong was mired in often violent protests, one of the key topics of discussion in the community was how all this chaos would ultimately play out in terms of its negative effects on the Territory’s financial and real estate markets. When asked, most people tended to shoot from the hip and think
By: Joshua Han Miller

If You’re Looking For More For Your Money…Here’s Hong Kong’s Best-Kept Secret!

15 November 2019  VERDANT MOUNTAINS…WHITE SAND BEACHES…FRIENDLY BUFFALOES…ARTISAN BAKERIES…COMMUNITY SPIRIT…This is South Lantau living. Long-term HK Permanent Resident Max Lever - Senior Consultant at - talks about the benefits of South Lantau living. It’s no secret how hard it is to find space and value-for-money in Hong Kong, one of th
By: Max Lever

Reflecting on Hong Kong’s Residential Market and Looking Ahead to 2020

14 November 2019 - As the end of 2019 approaches, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the levels of unrest. This has undoubtedly created more uncertainty for property owners, investors and tenants.  Let’s review the events of the year as they relate to real estate to provide some context and advice for buyers and tenants that may be helpful for any upco
By: Joshua Han Miller