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OKAY.com Molly Carter授訪東方日報<港錢無國界>

2018年10月9日 - OKAY.com住宅物業顧問Molly Carter於9月24日的東方日報中詳談成為香港地產代理的成功之道。
By: Molly Carter

OKAY.com Consultant Matthieu Ober Promotes Goa Building on iCable

14 September 2018 - OKAY.com’s Consultant Matthieu Ober was featured on iCable’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 8 September 2018, where he showcased a recently sold apartment in Goa Building, Sai Ying Pun. This property was originally purchased in 2010 for HK$2.9M. The original landlord held the property for 8 years, d
By: Matthieu Ober

OKAY.com Director Andrea Adams Ott Promotes Village Terrace 27-29 on iCable

12 September 2018 - OKAY.com’s Director (Residential Division) Andrea Adams Ott was featured on iCable’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 8 September 2018, where she showcased an apartment in Village Terrace 27-29, Happy Valley.
By: Andrea Adams Ott

OKAY.com Director Belinda Woo Promotes Villas Sorrento on iCable

23 August 2018 - OKAY.com’s Director (Residential Division) Belinda Woo was featured on iCable’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 18 August 2018, where she showcased an apartment in Villas Sorrento, Pokfulam. The advertised 3 bed/3 bath unit is well-located along Mt Davis Road, with stunning sea and green views. Resident
By: Belinda M L Woo

OKAY.com Property Agent Ruby Suen Appears on iCable

8 August 2018 - OKAY.com property agent Ruby Suen appears on Property Outlook on iCable sharing the points to note when buying an apartment through company share transfer. 1.       Check for hidden liabilities or litigation2.       Overseas registered companies must be handled by international law firms3.       The registered company needs to be
By: Ruby T Y Suen

OKAY.com Property CEO Joshua Han Miller Appears on ViuTVsix

13 July 2018 - OKAY.com property CEO Joshua Han Miller appears on ViuTVsix News at prime time for his views on Carrie Lam's latest property comments.
By: Joshua Han Miller

OKAY.com Featured in 932 Magazine

10 July 2018 - OKAY.com CEO Joshua Han Miller shares with 932 Magazine how the company's technology and its game-changing internal platform TITAN have sharped the industry.Click here to read the full article (only available in Chinese).

China Daily Dubs OKAY.com the "Uber of Real Estate"

8 June 2018 - In an interview with China Daily, OKAY.com CEO Joshua Han Miller explains how the company's technology, coupled with its information-sharing and incentive-based culture, has given it a competitive edge. To further remedy the local imbalance in supply and demand, he also reveals OKAY.com's plans to focus more on developing advanced an

OKAY.com Property Agent Novelle Lau Featured on Apple Daily

8 May 2018 - OKAY.com property agent Novelle Lau tells Apple Daily her secrets to success.

OKAY.com Agent Novelle Lau Featured on on.cc

11 April 2018 - OKAY.com property agent Novelle Lau tells on.cc her top three tips for getting on the property ladder. Click here to read an excerpt from the article.