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Joshua brings over 20 years of finance, strategy and real estate experience to His focus is on building disruptive, scalable operations that empower Hong Kong real estate professionals to better serve their clients.
Since becoming CEO in 2011, Joshua’s commitment has been to use technology to build a superior real estate platform for home-seekers, property owners and agents alike.
"I start every day thinking about how we can do things better. The real estate market is fraught with inefficiencies that are avoidable. Information should be more readily available. Agents should work in an environment that creates the right incentives for transparency and professionalism. People should be able to see their agent as a trusted guide and partner in the process, not as a necessity without alternative.
We've built on superior technology that empowers agents with more information, raising the standards of professionalism and attracting the best agents in the industry. Our mobile platform gives our agents flexibility and the ability to respond faster to clients. They're more successful because of this, and their clients are the ultimate beneficiaries of a better way of engaging in real estate.
I love that we do things differently and have a terrific team focused on changing this industry for the betterment of all participants."
Prior to joining the company Joshua spent 5 years with's related entity, Asia Pacific Properties Ltd. ("APP"), a leading residential and corporate relocation firm in Hong Kong and China. At APP he ran the Commercial Real Estate Division and the overall operations of the group in Hong Kong and China. Joshua was also the Chairman of Asia Pacific Leadership Committee for the Worldwide ERC® (Employee Relocation Council, 2012-2014) and regularly speaks at conferences on the industry's trends. Joshua is on the Board of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.
Before moving into the real estate industry, Joshua was a Vice President with Morgan Stanley, where he spent 8 years working in the Global Capital Markets and Investment Banking divisions in Hong Kong and New York. Born in the U.S. (Hawaii) and raised in Hong Kong, Joshua obtained his MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and his BA at Dartmouth College.
Joshua's other passions are enjoying time with his wife and children, fly-fishing, traveling to remote places and a great cup of coffee.
Joshua speaks English, Mandarin and Norwegian.



小型代理行棄地舖 OKAY.com逆市擴充

2019年2月4日- 【明報專訊】過去數月樓市調整,不少大型代理行都暫停擴充或讓員工自然流失,不過,主要以網上運作的中文名為屋企),去年卻逆市擴充,人手增加五成之多,今年更有計劃再增聘約六成人手,該行稱公司客群主要為高購買力人士,受到樓市影響較少。 成立於2011年的,有別於市場上大部分的代理行,不設地舖,僅在中環、銅鑼灣及愉景灣3處設有辦公室,OKAY.com行政總裁孫漢忠(Joshua Han Miller)表示,該行目前代理人數約有120人,單是過去一年已增加了五成,目標今年內增加至約200人。上述3間辦公室中,有1間於去年新增,公司計劃於今年內再增設新的共享辦公室,目標地點為港島西及九龍區。   擬年內增聘六成人手 增設共享辦公室 能夠在逆市中擴充,孫漢忠稱,其中一個原因為公司主要客戶群屬中產及購買力較高的人士,包括外國來港工作的人士。過去數月樓市調整,對該批客人的影響相對較小,而且現時有不少中高層人士持充足現金,反而會趁樓市調整入市。
Feb 4 2019

Property owners should manage their expectations

13 December 2018 - According to the Rating and Valuation Department’s residential property price index, Hong Kong residential prices rose by 10% in the first seven months of this year before plateauing in August – the first month not to record an increase since March 2016. Since then, the overall property price index has fallen 3.7%, signalling a modest but steady decline in second-hand property prices in Hong Kong. Sales volumes have had a more significant pullback, dropping 37% in Sep
Dec 13 2018

Hong Kong Property Market Corrections

  15 November 2018 - The recent market sentiment is one of uncertainty with expectations of a correction. News of landlords slashing prices are reported almost daily and market analysts are speculating on the magnitude of a property market downturn. In general, a 5 to 15% decline is considered a technical correction (we’ve seen three in the last eight years), while a decline of over 20% is regarded as a bear market correction. During the start of a correction, it’s impossible to tel
Nov 15 2018
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