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Open Kitchens in Hong Kong: A Good or Bad Idea?

14 September 2016 - With limited living space in a concrete jungle like Hong Kong, homeowners are eager to utilize every square foot of their properties as efficiently as possible. One common method is to demolish the wall of the existing kitchen to turn it into an open one. An open kitchen is certainly a popular choice today, but before you knoc

Mid-Levels: Beyond the Commute Connection

6 September 2016 - A region that can generally be described as the patch of land situated halfway up the Peak, Mid-Levels is primarily a prime residential location for those who place high value upon living in close proximity to the work place. With the Mid-Levels Escalator providing an 800 meter stretch of open “effortless” transportation betwee

Causeway Bay, where shopping is the name of the game

16 August 2016 - Causeway Bay, home to some of the highest paid rental spaces for retail in the world, is recognized as one of Hong Kong’s major shopping paradises. Within this paradise exists a unique ecosystem, primarily consisting of upscale retailers clustered around the large and grandiose malls that are sporadically scattered across the dis

Going Green at Home: Reducing Water Usage

10 August 2016 - As we go about our daily lives in Hong Kong, one thing that we take for granted is fresh, clean water. As of 1982, Hong Kong’s water supply has come from three sources: rainwater collected at local reservoirs, imported water from Dongjiang and seawater for toilet flushing. While its water supply has been consistent and abundant o

Going Green at Home: Food and You

3 August 2016 - In the previous article of this series, we detailed publicly available avenues that Hong Kongers can explore when it comes to recycling. In this article, we continue the theme of living a sustainable lifestyle in HK, outlining the ways in which we can reduce the amount of waste we produce when it comes to food. Food waste is one o

Going Green at Home: Recycling Electronics

29 July 2016 - To leave an indelible mark upon the lives of others is normally viewed as a noble and fulfilling endeavor. However, the converse is true when it comes to the subject of our carbon footprint. The less of an imprint we make, the larger our positive impact upon the lives of those around us. If you are unaware of ways to reduce your ca

Where to live in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories or Outlying Island

20 July 2016 - Home to a population of over 7 million strong, Hong Kong is a city of dynamic living. Generally divided into four main areas, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the new territories and outlying island constitute Hong Kong. Each area plays host to its own characteristics and each area caters to different modes of living. When considering wh

Are more expats set to move to Aberdeen?

18 July 2016 - Over the past five years, average home prices in Aberdeen have seen rapid growth of 63% with a number of new developments pushed out to market including Larvotto and Marinella that offer larger family apartments with balconies and comprehensive clubhouse facilities.  In an interview with SCMP, Lily Wong, an Associate Director at OK
By: Lily Wong

Cost of Living in Hong Kong

15 July 2016 - Asia’s world city comes at a hefty price. Ranked consistently among the highest in the world, Hong Kong’s cost of living is important to take into account when deciding on whether to move to the city. The most salient factor is the cost of housing. Ranked first in 2016 as the most unaffordable, the prospect of finding “a home away

Top Things to Do in Sheung Wan

11 July 2016 - A stone’s throw away from the modern and jam packed streets of Central, Sheung Wan presents itself as a quiet haven of hipster cafés, art galleries, and streets and markets that harken back to colonial times. Its mural-lined walls bear a stark contrast to the metallic, corporate buildings in neighboring Central District. One thing