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China Daily Dubs the "Uber of Real Estate"

8 June 2018 - In an interview with China Daily, CEO Joshua Han Miller explains how the company's technology, coupled with its information-sharing and incentive-based culture, has given it a competitive edge. To further remedy the local imbalance in supply and demand, he also reveals's plans to focus more on developing advanced an

What a Vacancy Tax Could Mean for the Hong Kong Property Market

8 June 2018 - The government will soon conclude its study on the feasibility of imposing a vacancy tax on developers who hoard unsold first-hand private residential flats, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po told legislators in early June 2018. As at December 2017, developers have withheld 9,370 of such flats. Officials believe that a tax on vacan
By: Joshua Han Miller

5 Things You Didn't Know About Discovery Bay in Hong Kong

25 May 2018 - The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong can get overwhelming. While living in the heart of the city has its perks, the excitement can get old if you lack quiet time. Luckily, Hong Kong is blessed with outlying islands, one of which is Discovery Bay. Before you start house-hunting, here are five things you should know about Discovery Bay

5 Questions to Ask When Negotiating a Hong Kong Property Purchase

17 May 2018 - property agent Liza Boltz outlines questions to ask when negotiating a Hong Kong property purchase, including bank valuation, comparable properties, settlement with property owner and property agent services.  1. What are some comparable properties in the same building/district? Work with your property agent to identify si
By: Liza Boltz CEO Speaks at InterCham InterSME Breakfast Seminar

15 May 2018 - CEO Joshua Miller spoke at the InterCham InterSME Breakfast Seminar by the Australian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and Macau. During the interactive session, Miller shared his tips and experiences to help some 70 small business owners understand what investors are looking for so they can successfully raise capital.
By: Property Agent Novelle Lau Featured on Apple Daily

8 May 2018 - property agent Novelle Lau tells Apple Daily her secrets to success.

3 Tips for Getting on the Hong Kong Property Ladder

The following is adapted from the original article published in Oriental Daily. 18 April 2018 - A first-time home buyer when she was only in her early 20s, property agent Novelle Lau has had more experience with the Hong Kong property market than most Hongkongers her age. Previously a property agent at one of the major agencies in Hong Ko
By: Agent Novelle Lau Featured on

11 April 2018 - property agent Novelle Lau tells her top three tips for getting on the property ladder. Click here to read an excerpt from the article.

5 Inspiring Homes for Hong Kong Art Lovers

27 March 2018 - Calling all Hong Kong art lovers: Art Basel Hong Kong is back. If you’d been waiting all year to get your art on, why not jazz up your abode instead? We’ve rounded up five artistic Hong Kong homes that will keep you inspired all year round. The Avante-Garde  You’re known for your sartorial elegance, but no trendsetter status is co

Agent Alter Ego: Louise Garnaut

20 March 2018 - Manager Louise Garnaut does not stop at finding the perfect home for her clients: she is equally committed to helping families joined together by adoption or fostering rediscover the meaning of “home”.  Since 2013, she has served as Chairperson at the Adoptive Families of Hong Kong (AFHK), a non-profit volunteer-run chari