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Explore’s latest property news and trends across the Hong Kong, China and Global property markets. With expert commentary and opinion, we keep you up to date on property happenings both near and far. Director Andrea Adams Ott Promotes Village Terrace 27-29 on iCable

12 September 2018 -’s Director (Residential Division) Andrea Adams Ott was featured on iCable’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 8 September 2018, where she showcased an apartment in Village Terrace 27-29, Happy Valley.
By: Andrea Adams Ott

In the News: Are Property Agencies Finally Shaping Up?

11 September 2018 - One of Hong Kong’s largest property agencies recently stated that out of the 160,000 second-hand property listings online, only about 10,000 are “real” i.e. actually on the market for sale or lease.  This PR announcement also declared that they plan to eliminate thousands of fake listings on their website and although it’s unc
By: Joshua Han Miller Director Belinda Woo Promotes Villas Sorrento on iCable

23 August 2018 -’s Director (Residential Division) Belinda Woo was featured on iCable’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 18 August 2018, where she showcased an apartment in Villas Sorrento, Pokfulam. The advertised 3 bed/3 bath unit is well-located along Mt Davis Road, with stunning sea and green views. Resident
By: Belinda M L Woo

Why is Hong Kong Housing so Expensive?

13 August 2018 - Whether you’re talking price-per-square-foot or affordability, Hong Kong is known as one of the most expensive housing markets worldwide. According to a recent report by the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index, you’ll need 20 years of income to purchase a home in Hong Kong—compared to 16 years in London, and 11 years in Singapore
By: Joshua Han Miller Property Agent Ruby Suen Appears on iCable

8 August 2018 - property agent Ruby Suen appears on Property Outlook on iCable sharing the points to note when buying an apartment through company share transfer. 1.       Check for hidden liabilities or litigation2.       Overseas registered companies must be handled by international law firms3.       The registered company needs to be
By: Ruby T Y Suen Property CEO Joshua Han Miller Appears on ViuTVsix

13 July 2018 - property CEO Joshua Han Miller appears on ViuTVsix News at prime time for his views on Carrie Lam's latest property comments.
By: Joshua Han Miller Featured in 932 Magazine

10 July 2018 - CEO Joshua Han Miller shares with 932 Magazine how the company's technology and its game-changing internal platform TITAN have sharped the industry.Click here to read the full article (only available in Chinese).

Hong Kong’s New Vacancy Tax – Overview and Interpretation

6 July 2018 - CEO Joshua Miller discusses what the new vacancy tax could mean for developers and consumers. The Vacancy Tax - Structure On June 30th, the government announced its new policy imposing a vacancy tax on developers regarding unsold first-hand private residential flats, constituting a tax amounting to 2 years’ of rental value
By: Joshua Han Miller

China Daily Dubs the "Uber of Real Estate"

8 June 2018 - In an interview with China Daily, CEO Joshua Han Miller explains how the company's technology, coupled with its information-sharing and incentive-based culture, has given it a competitive edge. To further remedy the local imbalance in supply and demand, he also reveals's plans to focus more on developing advanced an

What a Vacancy Tax Could Mean for the Hong Kong Property Market

8 June 2018 - The government will soon conclude its study on the feasibility of imposing a vacancy tax on developers who hoard unsold first-hand private residential flats, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po told legislators in early June 2018. As at December 2017, developers have withheld 9,370 of such flats. Officials believe that a tax on vacan
By: Joshua Han Miller