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Dumping Used Furniture that Won’t Fit in Your New Home? Recycle Instead!

Posted: Dec 5 2017Last Updated: Dec 5 2017
Responsible waste management is an indispensable part of daily life—perhaps even more so when you're moving homes. If you're not sure what to do with the poster bed that doesn't quite fit into your new cosy abode, or the set of silver chrome bar stools that would stick out like sore thumbs against the rustic decor of your future residence, why not give them away to charity, or have them sold at a second hand shop? Here are six used furniture door-to-door recycling services that can save you the headache of waste disposal and help make move to your next Hong Kong apartment an environmentally friendly one.
Set on promoting waste reduction and sustainable living in Hong Kong, Green Dot Home collects and recycles used furniture and homeware. It sells some of the items in second hand shops and donates part of the proceeds to charity. The recycling company gives away the rest of the used furniture to families in need. You can also find budget-friendly replacements for your old furniture at the brand’s second hand shop. 2328-3901. info@green-dot-home.com.hk
Equally committed to responsible waste management is the Chu Kong Plan, which collects (for free), checks and refurbishes second hand furniture and electrical appliances before they are gifted to underprivileged individuals, or sold at its used furniture shop. If you’re looking for affordable furniture for your new flat and are also keen on giving back to the community, try your luck at the Chu Kong Used Furniture Shop: the net proceeds from all transactions support the non-profit organisation’s environmental protection and poverty alleviation programmes. 9521-1192 (WhatsApp only). info@chukongplan.org.hk
Supported by the Crossroads Foundation, GoodCity pairs up donors of used furniture and other second hand items with non-profit organisations and individuals in need. After you upload photos of your second hand furniture, GoodCity representatives will respond to your offer via the app within minutes, which also enables you to arrange for the transportation of your furniture to their Tuen Mun warehouse once your offer is accepted. Alternatively, you could ask your moving company to drop the items off at the GoodCity warehouse as part of the job. Google Play / iTunes
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Second Hand Shops
Here’s a one-stop solution to make moving homes more bearable: Proper Furniture offers the option of arranging for their experienced workmen to dismantle and remove used furniture from your home before it is transported to their Kwai Chung outlet for sale. The recycling company also provides waste disposal services for a fee if they deem your furniture unsuitable for recycling or resale. 5442-3000. tel54423000@yahoo.com.hk
Happy Shop collects used furniture for free and sells the items on their website at affordable prices. To ensure that only items fit for recycling and repurposing are collected, Happy Shop also provides clearance services at a fee, so you won’t have to worry about waste disposal. If you’re looking for a good bargain for your new home but still want to stand out, Happy Shop’s “Creative Working Service” allows you to pick out your favourite piece of used furniture from the store, and customise it to complement your new interiors. 6387-1255. info@happyshop.hk
Supplement the cost of moving homes by getting the most out of your second hand furniture: run by a husband-and-wife team, 2nd Chance purchases used furniture from local homes, private clubs, property developers and shops that are closing or changing stock. Send them your information ahead of time, including photos of your used furniture, and 2nd Chance will make you an offer on suitable items. After a sale has been agreed upon, 2nd Chance will collect your furniture and pay for it in cash. 9860-0977. info@2ndchance.com.hk
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