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4 Key Benefits of Living Above a Shopping Mall

Posted: Sep 1 2015Last Updated: Sep 1 2015
Olympian City, Hong KongIt is not uncommon to find flats built above shopping malls in Hong Kong. Other than saving space for the welfare of Hong Kong (which is essential given our large and growing population and the limited land available), living there also provides residents with a large number of benefits!
1. Self-Sufficient “Modern Town Center”
With a shopping mall stationed just down your stairs, you can get all of your daily necessities within 5-10 minutes, and visit a wide range of dining outlets and boutiques for your enjoyment. It is especially helpful for working individuals to enjoy a quick and decent meal after a long day at work. Typically, there are also great entertainment facilities that suit the needs of all ages, such as cinemas and ice-skating rinks. The elderly and children who may not want to travel too far from home can also enjoy the convenience and say goodbye to boredom and isolation, with a flurry of activity always on hand.
2. Alternatives under Bad Weather
Unwilling to go out on a hot and sunny day in fear of HK's humidity? Prefer to hide away from the gloominess of rainy days while not wanting to confine yourself at home? The advantages of living above a shopping mall become more apparent during extreme weather conditions.
Even when typhoon no. 8 or black rain warnings are hoisted, and all the shops on the streets are quickly closing, you can still enjoy the advantages of grabbing food, necessities or even borrow a DVD to watch during the spontaneous "day off" just before they close.
Elements Mall, Kowloon Station3. Saving Travel Costs and Time Costs
Living above a mall helps you save money in the sense that it lowers your transportation costs when shopping for daily needs. It also reduces your time cost in travelling elsewhere for entertainment during your precious holidays and weekends (particularly important in this era where time is money and even more of a scarce resource than money itself!).
Yet, it doesn’t mean that you are limited to where you live and are confined in this “town center”. There are usually a vast number of transportation routes connected to these malls that add an extra layer of convenience and time saving, including shuttle buses and the MTR.
K11, Tsim Sha Tsui4. Other Benefits!
a. If you have a car, you will need a parking space. If you live above a mall and you drive, a car park area at your residence would essentially provide you with "free parking" at a mall!
b. Coupons, store openings and the latest discounts offered by shops in the mall are delivered straight to your mailbox. Take advantage of the preferential pricing and promotions just outside your doorstep.
c. Many Hong Kong weekends are spent shopping and going out to dinner. If you happen to live above a mall, you can hide your shopaholic tendencies from your date by running upstairs to put down your purchases before you meet for drinks. Enjoy a romantic meal without having to make room for your bulky bags at the dinner table!
d. Want to have friends visit, but bad at giving directions? It will never be a problem for those just living above a mall!
e. Do you want to enjoy free music shows or see a famous star simply by hopping into your building's elevator? Living above a shopping mall can fulfill these dreams! Numerous events are hosted in many of these large scale shopping malls, such as singing shows, dancing competitions and art exhibitions. 

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