Shirley Li 李淑嫻

Senior Manager
2120 4201
Language Spoken
Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Friendly and attentive, Shirley understands her clients’ needs very well. For Shirley, it’s important to create a win-win situation between her clients and landlords.

Before entering the property industry, Shirley was in the merchandising field for over 10 years, which strengthened her negotiation skills. Shirley has also worked in the industrial and commercial real estate for 6 years prior to shifting her career focus on residential properties at She is confident that her skillsets can help her clients secure the best deal while making the process a lot smoother for the landlords.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Shirley speaks Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. She is more than happy to assist clients coming from different backgrounds.

Apart from work, Shirley enjoys spending time with friends, swimming and is interested in health studies.

Client Testimonials

Shirley is excellent. We have used her twice now and both times her hard work and dedication to us has been exceptional. On both occasions we have secured the apartments that we wanted- seen some great options and always had faultless communication. From start to finish with each rental Shirley has been diligent, polite, and thorough. We cannot recommend Shirley enough and any tenant would be lucky to be working with her.
Mr. James Alexander Mclaren Coghill
Shirley is a warm and genuine professional committed to finding the best property at the right price. Shirley was diligent in mapping a comprehensive list of available properties or properties about to come on the market that met our requirements and eventually we found the perfect place. Shirley is an agent that you can trust and we would be happy to recommend her and OKAY.
Shirley has taken care of my rental matters for many years. Her meticulous and thoughtful service left a deep impression on me. After fully understanding my requirements, she carefully sorted out the potential houses and arranged the viewing plan and itinerary so that I could find the house I wanted in the shortest possible time. She was also able to communicate effectively with the landlords and arranged the agreement sign off quickly so that we could move in as early as possible. The whole experience was very enjoyable. I am very satisfied with Shirley's service and profession. She is responsive, passionate and accountable. I will continue to use her services for sure.
Ms. Julia Zhu
We were referred to Shirley by a friend because they had such a fantastic experience with her! We had worked with many agents in the past and Shirley really stands out because she understands exactly what you are asking for from the criteria and budget you give her. Shirley was very professional and quick to respond to any of our messages or inquiries. She was very helpful in weighing out the pros and cons of each apartment, and helped us find out extra information if we needed it. In addition, Shirley is a bubbly and nice character, which made it even more pleasant to work with. We would highly recommend Shirley to anyone who is looking for an apartment, and we are very grateful to her for helping us find our new apartment!
Ms. Charlotte Lok Ting Anna Clinch
We had a great experience working with Shirley as our realtor. With Shirley’s extensive experience and knowledge we were able to identify, view, negotiate and close on a deal within a short period of time. She was intelligent and efficient in her approach, and was professional about the way she handled our requests. She took on full responsibility from start to finish and went above and beyond what was required of her. As an individual she is passionate and energetic person and it was a joy to have worked with her. We would recommend her to our family and friends.
Mr. Ik Hyun Cho
Shirley is prompt and efficient at answering queries and making all necessary arrangements for viewing and contract execution. Whole-heartedly recommend her services.
Mr. Udith Sikand
It has been a very pleasant experience working with Miss Shirley Li in finding a rental. Miss Li is an experienced, friendly and honest realtor. Once she identified our needs and interests, she offered many appropriate sites for viewing. During our viewing of properties, she offered much valuable and honest opinion for our consideration. Miss Li is quick in responding to our messages and calls which we deeply appreciated. As this is the first time we rent from a big corporate, the legal procedure was complicated, Miss Li was able to understand our feelings and offered support along the way. Moving is such a dreadful process, but with Miss Li’s great help, the stress has been lightened, and we are truly grateful for that.
Ms. Kong San Yu
Her character; her consistent perseverance, her attentiveness, her quick response and her tireless determination to find me what I want.
Jocelyn CHU
Shirley is a very professional person, she understood well our needs, and was always looking for new apartment to show to us. She was very efficient in helping negotiate the purchase agreement, and reach a deal quickly. She is a very nice and open personality, we had great pleasure to have her as our agent.
Alain Philippe Pierre Lejeune
Shirley helped me ultimately rent the dream apartment. I was very impressed by her tenacity and her grit to get things done. She knew how to position my background and story to ensure that I could beat another bidder for a rental property (even when the terms were slightly better than mine as i was told). She was also very efficient and effective in sorting out all the small details of renting including gas, water, electricity as well as sorting out insurance. Her eye for properties is also commendable, she can quickly ascertain which features are more important for the client (my wife) and happy wife is happy life.
Benjamin Tsui
As our realtor, Shirley has been dedicated and persistent in trying to find the best rental apartment that fits our requirements. This task has been made more difficult as we had to move during the 5th wave of covid lockdown in HK. Nevertheless, Shirley managed to secure a few viewings for us and we closed on a deal on our 2nd viewing. She was professional in her negotiations with the landlord and managed to secure an attractive rental package for us. We found Shirley to be a hardworking, patient and resourceful realtor and she is also very friendly and cheerful. She is always a phone call away and will try her best to provide advice /help whenever possible We will not hesitate to recommend Shirley to any of our friends and we wish her all the very best & success in all her future endeavors.
Wendy Tan
Shirley is hands-down the best agent we have ever worked with, and I don’t say that lightly. She has exceptional dedication to her craft, and works long hours to ensure her client’s questions are answered – she truly goes above and beyond. Without hesitation, Shirley has always made us feel like a top priority. She is incredibly responsive to all matters ranging from house-hunting to helping us communicate with the Landlord on various issues post-move in. Overall, she has swiftly responded to all our queries and concerns, and is a real joy to work with. I highly recommend Shirley. I’ve already referenced her to my friends, and am happy to refer her to anyone who is looking for a new home. She has an incredible work ethic, goes above and beyond for her clients, and is someone you can trust.
I would strongly recommend Shirley when it comes to looking for rental properties. We came to work with Shirley through other agents that were showing us properties. Shirley asked us the right questions and anticipated our needs given the size of our family. She showed us properties that were relevant to our needs and was able to hone in on properties that met our needs. When it came to negotiating she was clear one what she needed from us to support the conversation with the landlord and how she would meet our requirements. We are really grateful to have had Shirley representing us in our first HK property rental. She was a real blessing that was able to get us exactly what we needed at the right price. Thank you kindly.
Rosh & Tooraj family
We were so fortunate to find Shirley as our realtor! When we started our apartment hunt, we were new to Hong Kong. Shirley did a great job finding many different options that fit our long list of requirements for a home. She was attentive, got us in quickly to see units and learned what we liked and didn’t like. Shirley went above and beyond with negotiations, paperwork and even set up our utilities. As Westerners, there was so much we didn’t understand about the Hong Kong real estate market. Shirley prioritizes your wants & needs and will find exactly what you’re looking for. We will recommend Shirley to everyone we know in Hong Kong.
Bethany & Mario
Shirley, I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism in handling my change of residence from Bella vista to CentrePoint and for finalising the new tenants to take over my contract. Everything worked out really well and I am very pleased to have settled down now; You went above and beyond trying to helping me out, selling furniture online, measuring stuff for me and looking for ideas. I can see you are truly passionate about your job! I would recommend you to all my friends! Merry Xmas and happy New Year!
I got Shirley as a referral via a coworker, and she mentioned that Shirley is great and very efficient and she will find the apartment for me. And indeed Shirley was very helpful, she listen to my needs and understands the situation and the apartment search. When we visit the first apartment together, it was directly a match. She totally understands what I am looking for, and it was very helpful she is very informative and most important for me is feeling the trust. I much appreciate her transparency and support and the process went very professional and well organized. I definitely will recommend Shirley to my friends and environment. Thank you very much :)!
Shirley is absolutely the best agent possible to help you find a home in Hong Kong. She’s extremely knowledgeable, knows the business inside out. She knew what we wanted and provided a selection of flats that fitted our standards so we didn’t have to waste time viewing too many flats. She’s good at negotiation. She’s a great problem solver. We had some small issues and she solved them with good attitude. She’s very capable in many ways. We can’t thank her enough for getting us our dream home in Hong kong.
Christina & Nick
Shirley had been a huge help in our flat search. Shirley has been very accommodating with our requests and found some excellent apartments for us. When we found the right apartment Shirley worked very hard to get us a great deal. We are very grateful for all Shirley’s help.
Mr Will
We were so fortunate to have found Shirley as our realtor. When we first met, she candidly shared what she viewed as her core strengths: honesty, diligence, patience, and superior negotiation skills. After partnering with Shirley, we can confidently say that she was true to her word, as she has delivered above and beyond any of our expectations. Finding an ideal property can often become a gruelling and time-consuming process. With Shirley, we were able to identify, view, negotiate and close on a deal within merely 10 days, at a significantly favourable price. She was transparent in her approach, well-structured and intelligent in her advice, and acted with professionalism even when managing tough conversations. As an individual, we have found Shirley to be a warm, genuine, and truly energetic individual. All in all, Shirley is a distinguished real estate agent, whom we wholeheartedly trust. We would recommend her to anyone.
Mr li family
Ms. Shirley Li is my agent who helped me with searching of an new apartment, she is persistent and honest, followed up my request and did her best for both sides. From the beginning Shirley gave a comfortable and honest feeling, the results were good, and she is following up all the necessary details that connected with the deal and more. I thank her and am happy to work with her again, and introduce to my friend.
Mr. Amir GAD
Shirley was found via internet property search. She was very proactive and helpful with helping us find a property within our parameters, which led to finding the right one for us in a short period of time. She was very resourceful and offered us with movers contacts and even internet solutions. Thank you Shirley! We will introduce you to my friends for house hunting :)
Pearl & Alan
Shirley puts her clients’ interests in front of her own. This is also what distinguishes her from other agents. All of her recommended flats fall exactly within our parameters (unlike other agents who always point us to those with higher commissions). After more than six months of searching, including rounds and rounds of negotiations, Shirley helped us to purchase a perfect home for my family. She is keen, capable, diligent, humours and informative. Shirley will always be on the top of our list in our next search for properties, and high recommend her to all my friends who has plan for purchase:)
Joseph Cheung
From the beginning to completion, Shirley has provided excellent service. She contacted me very quickly after I made the initial request online then followed up with my enquiries and requests diligently. After I told her my requirements, she compiled a huge list of properties in different areas for viewing and even managed to make some last-minute additions and changes. The viewing process was smooth and I was impressed by the standard of properties we saw. We were so impressed we actually put in an offer right away! Even after the contracts were exchanged, Shirley continued to communicate frequently and send over helpful info and advice on logistics. I highly recommend Shirley.
Winnie & Robert Miles
Shirley has re-defined the HK estate agent experience for us. She is knowledgeable, driven and easy to work with. She has helped us find an amazing flat and has assisted with all aspects of moving house. Even scheduling the gas man, switching our electric and water and hooking us up with the quickest internet installation we have ever seen. She is always responsive and eager to help any way she can. It has been a pleasure having her as our agent and will contact her next time we move.
Sarah Porter TAYLOR
We had a great time working with Shirley on our flat search. She considered our feedback and refined our searches according to what we need instead of trying to push a product to us. She was extremely patient and provided very honest insight to the flats we have seen. We would like to work with her again with our next search.
Mr. Lam
Shirley has been super helpful finding a property that fits my expectation and price negotiation. She has got a proactive attitude, trying to help with all fronts from mortgage to insurance and property maintenance etc. She is a true problem solver. I will recommend her to anyone in need of buying a property.
Mr. Xu
I am very pleased with the help from Shirley. She is very nice, incredibly hard working and responds to messages promptly. She is always well prepared on the choices according to my preference. I am confident that Shirley will be able to help to find the perfect home for everyone else. I would highly recommend Shirley to my friend for home searching :)
Just about the time I was going to sign into a contract for a rental apartment that didn't really meet all my needs, Shirley boldly took up the challenge of looking for the right move for my family. Finally, she helped us find out a much better choice that all of us are happy with. I certainly will recommend Shirley as an estate agent to my friends and relatives.
I’m very pleased with the way Shirley handled my purchase of the apartment. She was prompt, friendly and very resourceful. She followed up on any and all concerns.
Shirley is very helpful and effective. I contacted three agents and she was the first to respond and the first to arrange viewing. She provided a lot impartial advice and has been very patient. We thank her very much for her efforts and finding the most satisfactory new place for us in a very short time.
Mr. Peter WANG
I am satisfied with the professional service provided by Shirley Li of She is very efficient, patient and helpful. She helped me find a good tenant and hit reasonable price. I will definitely refer her to my friends and contact her again if I have property for lease or sale.
Tony Leung
Shirley has been very available throughout the procedure; no matter viewing or Whatsapp at any time (day and evening) during several weeks to answer our questions, and get good deal for my home. She fought for us to get the keys earlier than the expected entry date to facilitate our moving out, and she managed to get HKD 2,000 cleaning fees for us from the landlord. She also helped us to handle the utility bills, which significantly saved our time. I thank Shirley for her time, availability and kindness. It has been a pleasure dealing with such a nice person. I am sure will introduce my friend to Shirley:)
Marion Genova
Shirley 服務周到,非常努力,很有責任感亦很專業,天氣那麼熱大家都辛苦地看了很多單位,最後為我們找到合適的單位,地方也很滿意。Shirley的工作熱誠值得嘉許,我一定推介身邊的朋友找她。
Mr. Lee
Thanks Shirley for all your help and support in looking for a house in Whampoa. You have been relentless in your pursuit to help us find our perfect home. You have brought us several apartments that meet our needs. I appreciate her openness and transparency, diligent hard work and persistence in helping us find what we are looking for. You are positive, respectful and generous. I would recommend her highly to my friends looking for a property.
Shirley has been extremely helpful to assist us to research our home on the South Side. We encountered a difficult situation that our Landlord wished to renovate the building and we have to leave our premises for a few months. Despite the difficulties to search for a short lease, Shirley has been extremely diligent to assist us. I am sure will introduce her to my friends for home searching.
Brian Ho
Mary Chan
Shirley is very professional and always has a smile on her face. She searched for a number of properties within the price range being attentive to the requirement. Easy to communicate with and nothing was ever any trouble despite my changes of mind. Many thanks for her help, I would highly recommend her to my friends if finding a house.
Vince Moore
Shirley is an excellent real estate agent. She is very professional, responsive and hardworking. She had about 5 places lined up for us in one day. Each one was exactly what we were looking for, within my purchase budget and expected size and style as well. Shirley is very energetic and friendly. We are very thankful for her great price negotiation and definitely recommend her to all my friend good indeed:)
Ms. Carin LAU
Shirley was very professional, when I was looking for a property to purchase with a limited budget, she listened to me about my criteria, she helped me screening some properties worth to purchase in few locations, so that I could narrow down my choices. Thanks for her incredible price negotiation skills. With her help I have got a good price. For future I will keep doing properties investment, I must choose Shirley again :)
Sandy Wong
Shirley has been incredible with all her hard work and I have not met an agent that has managed to bargain such a great rate for an apartment with 20% off from market. She has been updating me and been very thorough in finding me the right apartment that suits my needs even in challenging times like now. I am so grateful with her help:)
Mandy Kaur
We have been very satisfied with the professional service provided by Shirley Li of She is efficient, helpful and provided excellent follow through with the sale of our flat.
Mrs SH Pong
Shirley has done an amazing job, selling my apartment in these very difficult times and achieving a price that I was very happy with. She has proven herself as an effective negotiator. I will certainly recommend this very hard working real estate agent to anyone putting their property on the market.
Dr. Elizabeth Bankowski
Shirley is a friendly agent that keeps on helping me to find my ideal flat. With my limited budget, she managed to find options for me to choose from. She follows up with me from time to time and provides me with new options when the old ones doesn’t fit me. Appreciate her efforts and I’d happy to work with her again if I have a chance to get another flat in the future.
Jen Tang
We have our flat up for sale for quite a while until Shirley came to help. She managed to close out the deal efficiently and at a reasonably good price to our satisfaction. I trust she is an ideal agent anyone would want to have her service in the property market.
Shirley was high efficiently and well connected. Throughout the process from searching through online to after signing the contract, Shirley has made the experience hassle free by connecting us with various people that can help and preparing the required documents efficiently. She also has a positive and welcoming attitude. I would recommend Shirley if you need to purchase properties.
Mr. Leung
Shirley has been relentless in her pursuit of helping us find our perfect home. Our list of requirements is long and Shirley has brought us several apartments that meet our needs. I have appreciated her openness and transparency, diligent hard work and persistence in helping us find what we are looking for. She is positive, respectful and generous with her time. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a property.
Shirley is a serious and reliable professional, able to select the best properties according to the customer needs. She is a strong consultant with a open mind and a clear vision to the goal. Her positive attitude and constant support are the basements of my complete trust in her capabilities. I was supported by her in the selecting the property as per my style and in the finalization of the contract terms properly. I recommend her for your deals.
Michele Gatto
My wife and I have started searching for our next residence in Hong Kong since late last year without any success. It was until Shirley stepped in to help us. With Shirley’s strong market insights, broad clientele, and attention to details, we were able to quickly narrow down our search to a short list of neighborhoods and units in-line with our budget. We strongly recommend Shirley to anyone who wants to partner with a well-rounded and well-liked agent for their residence search!
Shirley was very professional, proactive and patient with me when I was looking for a property to purchase. Still remember she called me up right away after she was assigned to help me. During the phone conversation, she would ask me questions about my criteria, told me what I should be looking for in my case and budget. She then sent me a list of property that we would be viewing within a couple of days. During each viewing, she would tell me what I should be checking, small things that she observed and told me the pros and cons of each property. I’ve learnt a lot of profession tips from Shirley after all the property viewing trips. I really appreciate her sincerity and her help during the entire process.
Shirley is incredibly hard working and responds to messages promptly and seemingly around the clock - as I live in London. Once I gave her my criteria, she immediately sent over several listings that were suitable. When I told her I was interested in the Cullinan West apartments, she went there and took dozens of high-quality photographs and sent them to me the next day. I met Shirley in person on a trip to HK in January. She was friendly, professional and had a good sense of humour as well. Each flat she showed me was perfect but unfortunately I am not able to move to Hk until July. I am confident Shirely will be able to find the perfect home for me and my family when the time comes.
Jennifer Lee
Shirley helped us find the perfect apartment recently in the mid-levels, despite a lot of special requirements for our family. We had taken the help of other agents as well before her, but it was Shirley who was able to nail the search and find one that fit all our criteria. She was constantly on the task and we viewed many apartments with her. She was very professional and able to understand our requests and act as a great liaison between us, the landlord and the landlord's agency. We really appreciate her help in our apartment search and would recommend her wholeheartedly to others as well
Ms. Shweta SINGH
We found through and Shirley was assigned as our agent. She sent us multiple apartments that were matching our needs and promptly set up appointments for us to view them. We found our apartment on our first day viewing and Shirley helped to negotiate a deal with the landlady that we were very happy with. Any concerns we had about the apartment she quickly sorted for us and was really helpful with changing over our bills. We would definitely recommend and especially Shirley as an agent as she has gone above and beyond our expectations. Ciara
Shirley is a very delicated agent, at our very first viewing elements mall was closed for safety concerns, she persevered for 45 minutes to reach us and to make our appointment on time. After our initial viewing, after carefully noting our preferences, she worked tirelessly to identify suitable properties, all of which were a good fit. Finally, she negotiated long and hard on our behalf to put together deals inside our target price range. I would recommend Shirley to any of my friends looking for her to find the right flat at the right price. Thanks Shirley!
S. Jim
I met with many agents but Shirley was by far the most attentive and helpful one. She understood my requirements right away and started showing me all my options which led me to get a better understanding of the market situation. She worked very hard to negotiate with the landlord on what I wanted. Unlike many others who always seem to be on the landlord side, she worked hard to satisfy all. I felt that she is a hard working, intelligent person who is also very sincere in her willingness to help. I will recommend her to others with no hesitation and I will also reach out to her for my next move.
We have been very satisfied with the professional service provided by Shirley Li of She is efficient, helpful and nice. We will definitely contact her again if we have other apartment for lease and sell in future. Ms. Janice Wong
Ms. Janice Wong
We were happy that we met Shirley. She has been truly helpful to us on finding a satisfying home. She has been responsive and clearly understood our requirements. Everything went smoothly and efficient with Shirley's help! After signing the tenant agreement she still helped us on utility stuff. Really appreciate that we have such a proactive and responsible agent like Shirley to help us find an ideal apartment.
Gao Yuan
We were really struggling on looking for ideal home until met Shirley. She’s always very responsive and clearly understood our requirements. Everything went quite smoothly and super efficient with Shirley’s help! We even found multiple places we really like! After signing the contract, she still helped us on detail arrangements with landlord and also utility stuff. Really appreciate that we have such a responsible, detail-oriented, and good taste agent like Shirley to lead us to this happy ending.
Karen SUNG
We have been very satisfied with the professional service provided by Shirley Li of She is efficient, helpful and provided excellent follow through with the sale of our flat.
Mrs SH Pong
We were looking for a place that would be in Central, but also with good light, good plan, and not too expensive. Shirley understood perfectly, and found us the exact match - and also did a great negotiation job with the landlord to secure it exactly as per our timing. She did also a fantastic job to assist us with all the utilities transferred from our old place (gas, electricity & etc), and was always available and super efficient when some questions or issues came during the move and even after. She is a positive and efficient person that I can highly recommend.
Alan Lejeune
We knew Shirley by internet property search. We knew plenty of agencies and had been looking for a real home for a long time. Without much expectation, we set a target for her and to my surprise, her relentless effort made things happen. Not only completion but a completion for both the well-being of the buyer and seller. She continued her effort despite finishing the deal and helped out in various aspects including renovation, mortgage, and insurance issues. She is an all-around agent and I recommend her if you need to sell or buy any properties.
Doctor Tong
After looking for a place for a few months with a number of agents, Shirley was the only one who could find one we liked with the correct specifications and at the right price point. She was always reachable for any questions, very efficient and keen to help. We hope to work together again in the future!
Priesh & Fleur
Excellent Service all along the way. Shirley went above and beyond and made our relocation experience as enjoyable as possible. We can highly recommend Shirley and looking forward to working with her in the future.
Mr. Till ROSAR

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