Is it possible to rent an apartment in Hong Kong with OKAY.com agents while I am still overseas?
Dorothy Poon
As a property agency underpinned by an innovative technology platform, our agents are well equipped with apps and devices to assist clients to view properties while still overseas.
Citing a very recent case, one of my clients who was based in New York selected three properties from a list I sent via our email tool. She asked me to be her eyes and ears - but of course an element of trust had to be established first!  
This was accomplished through in depth consultations and exchanges that utilized information and tools across our website and customized software. In addition, an iPhone 6 and desktop apps allowed for seamless instant communication and made it appear that both parties were in the same room.
I visited the shortlisted apartments and recorded video walkthroughs which I sent via WhatsApp. Her final choice was shown to her on Facetime (an online video chat app), and within 24 hours an offer was made and accepted alongside an online banking transfer to OKAY.com’s company account.
The Provisional Tenancy Agreement was signed via scanned documents and the whole transaction took place without meeting the owner or client in person. This meant time savings for the Client who has warmly recommended OKAY.com to her friends.
Should you have any further questions or would like to begin your Hong Kong property search from abroad, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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