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Open House Tips for Agents in Hong Kong Real Estate: Promoting the Property

Posted: May 17 2018Last Updated: May 17 2018
Holding an open house to promote a property is a relatively new phenomenon in Hong Kong, but there is a reason why top performing property agents around the world do it consistently. It can be an extremely effective way to market a home, especially a luxury property or one in an area with good foot-traffic. In addition to being very time-efficient, unlike organising multiple viewings, buyers or agents visiting the property see that there are other interested parties, which leads to faster offers. It takes an agent more upfront work to organise and market an open house, but if done well, the benefits more than offset the time invested. Not sure how to go about it? We have curated a list of the best tips for agents to help you market a successful open house in Hong Kong: 
Build Anticipation
In addition to emailing your professional networks about the open house, and marketing it on Facebook and Instagram, involve your in-house marketing team, who will help you come up with open house marketing ideas, and produce and circulate publicity materials such as postcards, flyers and electronic direct mailers (eDMs) for your event. Your marketing team can also help you conduct online and social media campaigns. With your marketing team’s expertise and expansive database, you’ll be able to expand your reach beyond your personal and professional networks. Consider giving the open house a final push on the day by a creating reminder on social media to attract impulse buyers, and as a reminder to others.
Invest in the services of professional photographer to take polished photos of the property. This will make your listing stand out from other listings, and help create attention-grabbing marketing materials. If you work at a property agency like OKAY.com, don’t be afraid to make full use of the services provided by your in-house photographer.  
Professional photos can make a world of difference. Pictured: Bowen Place
Show your professionalism and attention to detail by adding a personal touch to your marketing materials. For example, include clear directions to the open house—Hong Kong neighbourhoods can sometimes be confusing, especially with village houses. This will help make a good impression on potential clients before you even meet them.
Work with Other Agents 
Communicate with other agents at your property agency and enlist the help of a colleague or two to lure people in to view the property whilst you handle the viewing, or vice versa. Curious passers-by aren’t likely to walk in by themselves. You could also consider coordinating with a team member who is organising an open house of a similar nature in the same area so interested clients may view both properties in succession. This could help raise brand awareness of your property agency, though be sensitive to the owner’s position—they wouldn’t want to get the feeling that you’re diverting interested buyers to another property. Speak with the owner in advance to make sure they are comfortable cross-marketing to “spread the net” wider, and if they’re not, then don’t.
Invite your colleagues to give suggestions that may help market the property. They might pick up on selling points you might have missed when preparing for the open house, or remind you of details that you might want to look up, such as whether the apartment complex will undergo renovations. Your colleagues might also bring their clients to your open house if the property suits their clients’ requirements. Even if your team members attend your open house “empty-handed”, they can at least offer you moral support while educating themselves about the property. 
Work with What You’ve Got
Another successful open house idea is to speak with relevant parties ahead of the event. If your open house is in an apartment block, discuss with building management whether you’ll be able to place promotional materials in the lobby, lifts, communal areas etc. That way, you’ll have time to explore alternative options and work around restrictions, such as by making signs that are small enough to fit on the apartment door, yet prominent enough to lure people in. 
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