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Miscellaneous Information & Resources for the International Resident & Businessperson

Posted: Oct 8 2015Last Updated: Oct 8 2015
We have grouped the following websites and information into one chapter in help you start researching what it is like to live and work here. As with everything Hong Kong related, the Government’s website is a good place to get started on what exactly is available. A few other publications are also listed below (their free print copies are usually released on Thursdays and are available in shops and public places throughout Hong Kong – or you can read them online).
General information:
GOVHK   (Residents) http://www.gov.hk/en/residents
BC MAGAZINE   publication http://www.bcmagazine.net
HONG KONG MAGAZINE   publication http://hk.asia-city.com
WORD OF MOUTH GUIDE -  HONG KONG http://www.womguide.com
TIME OUT HONG KONG   publication http://www.timeout.com.hk
HONG KONG CLUBBING   publication http://www.hkclubbing.com
HONG KONG DOLLARSAVER   publication http://www.dollarsaver.com.hk
THE LIST   publication http://thelist.com.hk
RTHK (RADIO TELEVISION HONG KONG) http://rthk.hk/index_eng.htm
HONG KONG GEOEXPAT   expat forum http://hongkong.geoexpat.com
DIM SUM & THEN SOME http://www.dimsumandthensome.com.hk
WASTE REDUCTION HONG KONG http://www.wastereduction.gov.hk



Blogs about Hong Kong: It goes without saying that the best way to discover what is available online is to go there. Nevertheless we have provided you with a short list to get you started.




HONG KONG BLOG REVIEW http://hong-kong-blogs-review.com
HONG KONG FOOD BLOG http://hongkongfoodblog.blogspot.com
E*TING THE WOR http://www.e-tingfood.com
ADVENTURES OF A BIG WHITE GUY IN HONG KONG http://www.bigwhiteguy.com
GWEI-PO BLOG SPOT http://www.gweipo.com
BATUNG.COM http://www.batgung.com/index.php
LEARNING CANTONESE http://daisann.com


Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations: Nearly every country/city/industry is represented in Hong Kong. A few are listed below: 
ROTARY CLUBS OF HONG KONG http://www.rotary.org
AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.amcham.org.hk
AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.austcham.com.hk
AUSTRIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.austrocham.com
BRITISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.britcham.com
CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.cancham.org
EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.eurocham.com.hk
CHINESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.cgcc.org.hk
FRENCH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.fccihk.com
GERMAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://china.ahk.de
INDIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.icchk.org.hk
ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.icc.org.hk
KOREAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.kochamhk.org
NORWEGIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.ncchk.org.hk
SINGAPORE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.scchk.com.hk
SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN’S CHAMBER  http://www.sawcchongkong.com
SPANISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.spanish-chamber.com.hk
SWEDISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.swedcham.com.hk
SWISS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE http://www.swisschamhk.org


Hobbies and Social Interest Groups:

HONG KONG ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY   culture http://www.royalasiaticsociety.org.hk
ORIENTAL CERAMICS SOCIETY   culture http://www.orientalceramics.org.hk
FRIENDS OF HK MUSEUM OF ARTS   culture http://www.museumfriends.org.hk
CHINESE U FRIENDS OF ART MUSEUM   culture http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/ics/friends
FREEMASONS OF HONG KONG   fraternal  http://www.zetlandhall.com
WOMEN’S FORUM   group for women http://www.womensforum.com.hk
AMERICAN WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION   group for women http://www.awa.org.hk
ITALIAN WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION   group for women http://www.iwa.org
SPANISH-SPEAKING WOMEN’S SOCIETY   group for women http://www.amhh.org.hk
HELENA MAY   women’s club http://www.helenamay.com
HONG KONG BIRD WATCHING SOCIETY   nature http://www.hkbws.org.hk
HONG KONG GARDENING SOCIETY   nature http://www.hkgardeningsociety.org/
HONG KONG SINGERS   amateur musical theatre http://hongkongsingers.org/
HONG KONG PLAYERS   amateur drama http://www.hongkongplayers.com
HONG KONG ORATORIO SOCIETY   choral http://www.oratorio.org.hk
HONG KONG BACH CHOIR   choral http://www.bachchoir.org.hk
HONG KONG WELSH MALE CHOIR  choral http://www.hkwmvc.com
HONG KONG WOMEN’S CHOIR (NOVA)   choral http://www.thkwc.org
HK MEDICAL ASSOCIATION ORCHESTRA   music http://www.hkmao.org


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