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The Light Behind the Gloom in Hong Kong - Positive Trends in Financials and Property

12 December 2019 - Over the past six months while Hong Kong was mired in often violent protests, one of the key topics of discussion in the community was how all this chaos would ultimately play out in terms of its negative effects on the Territory’s financial and real estate markets. When asked, most people tended to shoot from the hip and think
By: Joshua Han Miller Director Lily Wong Featured on squarefoot magazine

20 December 2018 – In an interview with squarefoot magazine, director Lily Wong discusses high life living on or around the Peak and Mid-Levels. Here are some of her high life property recommendations: EredineThe 53-year-old Eredine is a Swire Properties development located on 38 Mount Kellett Road. Each of its units has a saleable area
By: Lily Wong

In the News: Are Property Agencies Finally Shaping Up?

11 September 2018 - One of Hong Kong’s largest property agencies recently stated that out of the 160,000 second-hand property listings online, only about 10,000 are “real” i.e. actually on the market for sale or lease.  This PR announcement also declared that they plan to eliminate thousands of fake listings on their website and although it’s unc
By: Joshua Han Miller

Hong Kong’s New Vacancy Tax – Overview and Interpretation

6 July 2018 - CEO Joshua Miller discusses what the new vacancy tax could mean for developers and consumers. The Vacancy Tax - Structure On June 30th, the government announced its new policy imposing a vacancy tax on developers regarding unsold first-hand private residential flats, constituting a tax amounting to 2 years’ of rental value
By: Joshua Han Miller

Country Parks or Artificial Land?

19 July 2017 - Ten years ago, a development strategy for Hong Kong was produced by the Development Bureau and Planning department up to 2030. An update to the planning strategy looking beyond 2040 was coined HK2030+. The vision was for Hong Kong to become “…a livable, competitive and sustainable city, championing sustainable development as the ov

Family Friendly Expat Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Family friendly neighborhoods abound in Hong Kong. Factoring in price, location, the subsequent sense of convenience, proximity to schools and the range of scenery, your personal preference is the overriding determinant. Our brief overview of family friendly neighborhoods both on and off Hong Kong Island aims to inform the general direction of y

Top 5 Hollywood Movies Set in Hong Kong

1 June 2016 - Hong Kong is globally recognized as a tourist hotspot, a financial hub, and a city that has firmly earned its place on many people’s bucket lists. What people do not always know, however, is that Hong Kong has also cemented itself as an occasional set piece for Hollywood produced movies. If this fact has piqued your interest, and you

Should you rent or buy property in Hong Kong?

The soaring property prices of Hong Kong have given the city the title of The Most Unaffordable Housing in the World. If you live or are considering living in Hong Kong, you may weigh the options of renting or buying property in Hong Kong. The following will outline the pros and cons of renting an apartment or purchasing property.  Renting apart

Property Quiz: Be a Property Guru: How to Predict the Next “Hot ‘Hood”?

My friends and I are sitting in Poho eating a green tea cheesecake and discussing how the property prices have doubled in the recent past. "If only we had----" but then we stop, it's too painful. Yes, we all want to get in early and buy low, but how? By the time the 'hood is hotted up, we're priced out.  Test your property investment knowledge & p
By: Robert Diefendorf

Technology Hotspots in Hong Kong

26 November 2015 - Hong Kong is a city famous for its unparalleled convenience, with all that you need generally within arm’s reach. That being said, some commodities are concentrated in well-known hotspots, allowing you to find what you are searching for in at least one of the similarly themed agglomerated stores. This article highlights key loc
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