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How to Help Children Adjust to a New Home

The Best Ways to Transition your Child into a New Home  Moving houses and settling into a new home signifies a new start, but the process can be stressful for the whole family, especially for the children. In the midst of packing and unpacking, how do you best help your kids cope with this change in their lives? Here are a few key things to keep

Moving to Hong Kong with Kids

Moving to Hong Kong is far from cost-effective. Add in an entire family unit with young children in tow and the move becomes all the more complicated in terms of logistics. Be it education, living space and the process of acculturation, this guide aims to provide a few pointers which will inform your move.    Education Prior to departure with gua

Family Friendly Expat Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Family friendly neighborhoods abound in Hong Kong. Factoring in price, location, the subsequent sense of convenience, proximity to schools and the range of scenery, your personal preference is the overriding determinant. Our brief overview of family friendly neighborhoods both on and off Hong Kong Island aims to inform the general direction of y

Hiring a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong: Key Considerations

When considering how to hire a domestic helper, or whether or not you should even be looking to hire a domestic helper, there are a number of key items listed in this article that you should bear in mind.  Basic Requirements for Hiring a Domestic Helper There are a number of basic requirements that prospective employers of domestic helpers must sa

The Schooling and Education System in Hong Kong

Overseen by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, the education system in Hong Kong is well-developed to serve both local and international students. The Hong Kong government provides 12-years of free education through public primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary schools while only primary and junior secondary education are mandatory.  Kinder

An Overview of Hong Kong’s Universities And Tertiary Education Institutions

Being praised as the perfect blend of East and West cultures, Hong Kong has established itself as one of Asia Pacific’s dominant cities and a leading study destination. Education system in Hong Kong is well developed to meet the demand from both local and foreign students, offering a wide diversity of degree or diploma programmes in recognized hig

Resources for Parents And Children in Hong Kong

All Things ChildrenThe range of activities on offer for children is greater than they are for anyone else!   The average Hong Kong child has always lived a good full day, starting school at an early age and continuing on with tuition in English and Chinese, music and/or dance lessons. In recent years, a demand for creative pre-school and after-sch
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