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Resources for Parents And Children in Hong Kong

Posted: Dec 15 2015Last Updated: Dec 15 2015

All Things Children

GlobeThe range of activities on offer for children is greater than they are for anyone else!   The average Hong Kong child has always lived a good full day, starting school at an early age and continuing on with tuition in English and Chinese, music and/or dance lessons. In recent years, a demand for creative pre-school and after-school learning has spawned a host of visual and performing arts studios, educational clinics and sports activities.  There are too many resources to list them all here, but the following should give you a head start toward finding the perfect ones.  
HK WITH KIDS    resource guide http://www.hkwithkids.com
LITTLE STEPS    resource guide http://www.littlestepsasia.com
GEOBABY HK    resource guide http://www.geobaby.com
KIDS ACTIVITIES    resource guide on sports http://www.kidsactivities.asia
HONG KONG DADS   playgroup http://www.hkdads.org
GYMBOREE   play & music - newborns to 4 years http://gymboree.com.hk
HONG KONG GIRL GUIDES ASSOCIATION   guides http://www.hkgga.org.hk
SCOUT ASSOCIATION OF HONG KONG   scouts http://www.scout.org.hk
KIDS GALLERY   arts centre http://www.kidsgallery.com
ACTIVE KIDS   educational programs http://www.activekidshk.com
MULTI-SPORT   sports education http://www.multi-sport.com.hk
POK FU LAM RIDING SCHOOL   horseback riding http://www.hkjcridingschools.com
DRAGONFLY   outdoor adventure programs http://www.dragonfly.com.hk
HENG YUE YEN LONG KWON   martial arts http://www.hyylkmartialarts.com
GLOBAL SPORTS   judo http://www.globalsports.com.hk
MEGA ICE SKATING   ice hockey & figure skating http://www.megaice.com.hk
HONG KONG LITTLE LEAGUE   baseball http://www.hkll.org
CAROL BATEMAN SCHOOL OF DANCE   ballet http://www.carolbatemanschool.com
FAUST INTERNATIONAL YOUTH THEATRE   performing arts http://www.faustworld.com
CHUNKY ONION   education through theatre http://chunkyonion.com/education
HK SINFONIETTA   education through classical music http://www.hksl.org



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