The Landlord has accepted my offer. What payments do I have to make now?
Pauline Klemberg
One month rent in advance (holding deposit) to the landlord on signing of an Offer Letter or a PTA.
And the following on signing the formal Tenancy Agreement:
  • A Security Deposit of 2 or 3 month rent to the Landlord (3 months rent is usually requested by big landlords for high end properties), which should be refunded at the end of the Tenancy minus the costs of any defects that the Tenant may have caused to the property (fair wear and tear excluded).
  • The Stamp Duty of 0.5% of the average yearly rent payable to the Government of Hong Kong.
  • The agent’s commission of 50% of one month’s rent payable to the agent. For example, if the rent is HKD50,000 per month, then the Tenant will have to pay an agency fee of HKD25,000.
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