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Should I Buy and Hold Real Estate through a Company in HK?

8 December 2017 - Property investors often use companies to hold real estate because personal property ownership could get expensive: when treating property as an investment, a small percentage difference in taxes between company and personal ownership can translate into a difference of millions of dollars. Using holding companies to transfer th

Buy — or Sell First? Trading Up in Hong Kong’s Property Market

You’ve set your sights on a three-bedroom apartment on the Southside—perfect for your growing family. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make the purchase without selling your current flat. But with the new baby on the way and your daughter about to start school, selling first could mean your family would have nowhere decent to stay during

Hong Kong Property Stamp Duty Loopholes

3 March 2017 - In its current iteration, the recently introduced Ad Valorem Stamp Duty (AVD) mandates a 15 per cent flat rate for all residential property transactions in Hong Kong. Unless provided otherwise or specifically exempted as a permanent Hong Kong resident and a first time home buyer, additional rates may apply.  Case in point, as an ove

What to Prepare before Buying a Home in Hong Kong

Buying a home in Hong Kong as with buying property anywhere requires extensive forethought and research. From personal contextual requirements to vendor issues and legal regulations, the following advice aims to map out the key points of consideration for the first time home buyer in Hong Kong.  Personal Requirements These form the base criteria

Mainland flat viewing tours plunge by 95% during May “Golden Week”

6 May 2015 - As an important holiday for Hong Kong’s tourism industry, the May “Golden Week” has regularly filled the city with tens of thousands of mainland tourists along with billions of cash ready to flow into the Hong Kong real estate market. This year, the number of mainland tourists continued to rise despite the newly implemented “one-visit

Hong Kong’s Home prices rose for the 10th straight month despite cooling measures

10 February 2015 - Hong Kong’s property prices continued to hit historic highs in spite of the government’s efforts to curb speculative activities. The latest Centa-City Leading Index (CCL) marked another record at 136.35, showing a steady increase for the 10th consecutive month.South China Morning Post reported that the government will receive HK

An Overview of Special Stamp Duty, Buyer's Stamp Duty and Ad Valorem Stamp Duty -

• Introduction          • Government Objectives         • Perception          • Summary          • Rates1. IntroductionThe Government of the Hong Kong SAR has recently introduced a number of amendments to the stamp duty regime in Hong Kong with the intention of cooling an over-heated property market.  Implementing legislation for Special Stamp Dut
By: Hilary Cordell

Conveyancing, Mortgages And Property Insurance In Hong Kong

1.  Conveyancing Procedures1.1 TitleIn order to establish title to a property, it is necessary to check all title documents affecting it.  There are many issues of varying materiality that are a common cause of questions and delays and which can affect a property’s liquidity. Title insurance is available in Hong Kong and provides protection agains
By: Hilary Cordell

A Guide to Hong Kong's Real Estate System and Property Tax

1. Land Holdings and Registration Systems1.1 Land holdingsAll land in Hong Kong is owned by the People’s Republic of China as State property and is managed by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Government) under the Basic Law of Hong Kong.Land identified as suitable for private development is sold by the Government thro
By: Hilary Cordell
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