The Transport and Housing Bureau worries rent controls might have side effects

Posted: Jul 9 2014Last Updated: Jul 14 2017
7 July 2014 - There have been discussions in recent years that put forward the suggestion for the government to re-introduce rent control measures in order to safeguard tenants’ interests, especially those of grassroots tenants.
The Transport and Housing Bureau conducted a survey regarding the impact that might be generated from rent controls. Survey results suggest that rent control measures could potentially stabilize the rental market, but at the same time the supply of homes available for lease would be reduced, and hence the rental price would possibly keep rising.
In the Legislative Council Panel on Housing, many legislators are of the opinion that recent high rents and the 1-month notice of relocation for tenants are not enough to protect the tenants’ interests. The Government should consider the re-introduction of some form of rent control such as extending the notice period of relocation.
Anthony Cheung, Secretary for The Transport and Housing Bureau, understands the community may desire to see rent controls being resumed. However, the Government must consider potential side effects that might be generated from the measures such as the overall jacking up of rental prices. He added the Long Term Housing Strategy Steering Committee will respond to the public on this matter by the end of the year.

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