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Posted: Sep 25 2020Last Updated: Sep 25 2020

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25 September 2020 - Buying or renting a new home in Hong Kong can become a truly daunting experience made all the more difficult given recent social distancing measures. Finding the right place at the right price requires extremely accurate and detailed information. And while the large number highly professional real estate agents in Hong Kong are there to help prospective buyers or renters, there are also a number of dedicated apps that the public can use to help get the entire search process started.

OKAY.com’s APP

The latest addition to the app search market comes from OKAY.com, with its multi- functional search tool providing an effective way to wade through thousands of available properties while everyone is still burdened with social distancing restrictions during the current viral pandemic. It has emerged as a great real estate apps of 2020.

OKAY.com’s innovative application was the result of major consumer and market research, building on the best features of existing apps and raising the standard even higher. The OKAY.com online search tool now makes hunting for a new flat a much more pleasurable task and eliminates many of the pitfalls of going it alone.

Superior app functionality

OKAY.com’s free app features a fast upload to any smart phone and is a powerful and flexible reference guide that put house hunters’ minds at ease in Hong Kong.

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Innovative design

OKAY.com has engineered a host of map innovations including a nifty 'location-aware' function and a geographic search guide. This significantly raises the bar in terms of enhancing the general search process.

Searches can be customised to the finest detail. First set the district where you want to move, then input a desire to rent or buy, and determine the price that suits your budget best. You also get to finalize the size of your desired unit, and the number bedrooms. There is an option setting as well for home type i.e. - apartment, duplex, triplex, etc. All of these settings can then be stored for your future use.

The OKAY.com app boasts a database of over 6,000 properties, providing a wealth of search possibilities. Moreover, the app continually searches and uploads the latest property listings, a great advantage to avoid missing out on the flat of your dreams. A smart pop-up indicator function also provides immediate notifications when any properties hit the market at a reduced price.

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Stunning professional photos

The photos on the OKAY.com app are of the highest quality, so there is no mistaking how a prospective place will appear. Important information is listed as well with clear, easy-to-read details.

OKAY.com‘s app designer noted that - "Following over a year of research and gathering of a wide range of preferences from the public, we set out to develop the very best real estate app for home buyers as well as those wishing to rent. With adverse circumstances affecting everyone in society, we hope this new search app will make the entire process of moving to a new home more convenient and pleasurable."

The free OKAY.com app downloads quickly and easily onto any Apple or Android smartphone. For app download, please visit https://bit.ly/364sLFx.

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