Exciting 2020 Interior Design Trends - Top Industry Pro Tips to Help Transform Your Home

Posted: Dec 17 2019Last Updated: Dec 17 2019

2020 interior design trends

17 December 2019 - Pantone recently announced that ‘classic blue’ was named ‘Color of the Year’ for 2020! If you didn’t already know that then read on, this article is definitely for you to help you stay current with some of the most popular home interior design trends for the coming year.


Velvet is perhaps an unlikely texture trend in this day and age, but look out, interior design experts say you’re going to see lots of it in the most luxurious homes around the world in 2020. Velvet typifies that classic ideal of opulence and peaceful comfort. Deep red or ox blood velvet sofas that were all the rage in the tonier homes of late 1800s New Orleans may come to mind, but today’s elite interior design firms will be crafting velvet sofas in such disparate hues as vibrant blue, pink, burnt orange and various shades of taupe. The possibilities for velvet furniture seem endless in 2020.

2020 interior design trends


As an important interior design trend, geometry has been on the ascent for several years now. Perhaps it’s even gone a bit overboard. Wallpaper, love seats, sheets and bedding, decorative art, flooring, light fixtures, and more have all adopted geometric designs. But in 2020, ‘geometric balance’ will be the guiding design principle. The experts suggest that you focus on just one area of your home where geometric patterns can best make a bold statement like bathroom floor tiles or maybe a geometric wallpaper motif without such a busy pattern. Ultimately strategic placement is the key.


Have you embraced biophilia in your home yet? Biofilia is a hot new trend for 2020 that creates a smooth nexus between sustainable human design pieces and various natural elements in such a way that doesn’t appear pretentious or forced. Given the widespread concerns about climate change, many people today are looking to incorporate organic environmental elements into their homes. The design pros suggest adding chairs, tables, and floors made from recycled wood adorned nearby with verdant plants to affect a clean, environmentally friendly look.

2020 interior design trends


Speaking of plants, yesteryear’s floral fabrics and wallpapers are going to be front and center in 2020’s major interior design plans. We’re not talking about the fuddy duddy stuff that used to adorn your grandma’s home either. Today’s wallpaper styles display eye-catching floral patterns that range widely in size and tone. Look for a more vibrant color palette, too, especially with respect to yellow, as well as a host of contrasting colors that will make your walls jump out.


Metals are all set for a big interior design comeback in 2020. Think silver, gold, tin, and copper. Tin panels are primed to become all the rage for popular kitchen backdrops. For door designs look for mixed silver and brown metals or iron with gold or bronze. Design experts caution against the use of mixing more than three metals in one space, which make it look much too busy and overwhelming for one room.


In keeping with a lot of throwback design ideas for 2020, get ready to enjoy a good night’s rest in an old-fashioned canopy bed, a popular interior design theme for next year. Nothing says regal, sophisticated comfort like a canopy bed.  Be careful about the frame size of the bed, though, to avoid a look that is overbearing and out of synch with the overall bedroom dimensions.

2020 interior design trends


Put minimalism away for 2020, maximalism is back with a vengeance. But it’s all about creating a look that says grandeur not kitsch. Designers in 2020 will be busy adding large, prominent, bright tones and patterns, along with an array of colorful abstract paintings. Of course, some restraint is called for in order to avoid moving away from appearing bold and lively into having a look that’s overly busy and cluttered. In any event, the conceit of  ‘more is more’ next year will be a hallmark in the trendiest homes.


While classic blue may be Pantone’s choice for color of the year in 2020, the interior design gurus are all taking about green. This fresh color makes for a superb earth tone compliment to support sustainable home accessories. You should have splashes of it everywhere throughout your home as any type of green foliage adds the perfect tonal dash to a neutral-colored room.  You can invest in rubber plants, money plants, snake plants or any other easy-to-care- for potted plant to add a refreshing verdant look.


So according to the interior design experts 2020 will see brighter homes with some unusual colours and textures, plus a concerted move toward more sustainable decor, all highlighted with floral prints. Next year we’ll all find luxury in nostalgia while communing closer with nature. Everyone in the interior design world is anticipating 2020, a year we hope will see an exciting new series of transformations to your home as well.

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