Do you Own a Dog? You Might Want to Consider These Places to Live

Posted: Jan 3 2020Last Updated: Jan 3 2020

pet friendly apartment Hong Kong

3 January 2020 - Several years ago when a friend first thought about moving to Ma Wan, she was so excited to see that nearly everyone had a dog. There were so many dogs, in fact, she began to think that maybe they actually came with each flat. Needless to say, disappointment set in when ultimately the  landlord specifically forbade having a dog on the premises. Fortunately, it’s been no problem playing with everyone else’s pets every day. But, there are also other great places to live if you must have a furry friend with you.

Despite the lack of big green open spaces in the urban areas of Hong Kong, it’s still quite common to see hoomans regularly walking their fluffy friends at night no matter where you go throughout the Territory. Certain districts, of course, are more amenable to owning and raising a corgi, German shepherd or Labrador retriever due to their proximity to open spaces, or perhaps just because their neighbors also have a dog so they can play together.


pet friendly Hong Kong apartments


Sai Kung for Your Saluki


If your furry friend had a vote in the matter, he or she would no doubt make a strong play for having you find a residence in Sai Kung. Nearly half a million people live here, so there are many nice homes to choose, running the gamut from small budget flats all the way up to gorgeous villas and mansions owned by the very rich. Certain pooches like beagles, border collies, greyhounds and other similar breeds need lots of open space to run around. Sai Kung has that in spades with a vast country park area and extensive beaches, plus pet shops and a great town center promenade.  It seems like no matter where you end up, your pet will love the vibe in Sai Kung, perhaps the most dog-friendly area of Hong Kong.


View properties in Sai Kung


Huskies in Happy Valley


Maybe 20 or 30 years ago you may have spotted more dog owner than you do now in and around  Happy Valley, but today there are still plenty of homeowners who make getting a pooch the first thing on their list when moving here. Pet care shops, doggy hotels, along with full-service pet day care centers with boarding facilities abound in Happy Valley.  There’s even an adorable little dedicated dog park in the neighborhood, too. Given the large dog-owning population here, the local eateries and bars were once happy to let owners bring their pets inside. Alas times have changed and today only a few establishments welcome your pet to join you for a beer or curry lunch.  The restaurant Classified is one spot where you can still share stories about your fluffy friend with other dog owners together while you enjoy a cup of joe and some food.


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Dog Day Discovery Bay


Since this area is comparatively compact in relation to other places in Hong Kong, Discovery Bay may not be the best  place for more hyperactive breeds, or those types of dogs with thick fur that adapt best to cold climates since they may become uncomfortable in Hong Kong’s stultifying heat and humidity without a continual source of air-conditioning. Having said that, Discovery Bay is still one of Hong Kong’s safest and most secure areas for dog owners. There is the nice beach area, no automobile traffic, generally fresh air, and a host of wonderful trails and parks, places that are much harder to find in the urban areas. An eager supply of dog walkers and doggy sitters are always on the ready as are top notch veterinary services.


Check out properties in Discovery Bay



The Southern District for Dachshunds


The famous Southern District shoreline areas comprising Repulse Bay, South Bay, Stanley and Tai Tam are truly wonderful locations to raise a dog. These areas provide relatively quick access to the urbanized parts of the city but still offer a haven of bucolic peace and tranquillity rarely found in the more densely populated parts of Hong Kong. Most public beach areas are off limits to pets of any kind, including dogs, but you can still have a great time with your pooch in places like the Stanley Promenade and Stanley’s private dog beach where there are lots of nice open areas and generally fresh clean air. The Stanley Marketplace as well as the many restaurants dotted along the Stanley Promenade openly welcome dogs, so there’s no need to leave little Fido at home.


Explore properties across Southern District:

Properties in Repulse Bay

Properties in South Bay

Properties in Stanley

Properties in Tai Tam


Poodle Paradise - Pokfulam


While most people might associate Pokfulam with the urban tangle above Sai Ying Pun, this area is surprisingly a paradise for dogs and their hoomans.  Dog-friendly flats abound here and just over the hill is the beautiful Cyberport Waterfront Park, the ideal spot to make your furry friend truly happy. Certain areas around here even let you unleash your dog, a rare occurrence in Hong Kong. Pokfulam has that almost Goldilocks quality of being situated just right in terms of not too far away from the working areas of Kennedy Town, Sheung Wan and Central but still not part and parcel of the urban hustle and bustle. That makes it ideal for dog owners here, too.


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