7 Top Tips for Southside Living

Posted: May 10 2019Last Updated: May 10 2019

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30 Aug 2019 - Whether you are moving to the southside for your children’s schooling or you like the relaxed vibe of the sunshine and beaches, you are now ready to explore.


You may be living in the city for awhile now so this could be a big change for you and this would mean you are trading the convenience of instant shopping and MTR stops for more greenery and tranquility.  You could be relocating from another city for a new job and heard that Hong Kong is not all concrete jungle crowds.  The tips below can help you navigate the area and answer some of the questions you may have around commuting, basic services and a couple of money saving tips.

1) No crying over spilt milk! Fresh milk delivery service by Farm Milk (28329218) will deliver to your home by 6 am in the morning.

2) Subtle shuttle! Little known white shuttle bus which runs between South Bay and Repulse Bay beach – HR44, every 20 minutes, $4 per journey – serves all the buildings on South Bay Road including Grand Garden, Belgravia, Ruby Court.

3) Take them to the cleaners (never again!): Do try Goodwins of London, a pick-up and delivery service provider of laundry. Below is the schedule of its pick-up van:

1. 9 am - 11 am: Hong Kong Parkview (Repulse Bay),  Bisney Road (Pokfulam), Scenic Villa (Pokfulam), Sassoon Road (Pokfulam), Sha Wan Drive (Sha Wan)

2. 11 am - 1 pm: Shouson Hill (Island Road), Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay South, Cyberport, Baguio Villa (Pokfulam), Pokfulam Road, Jardine's Lookout

3. 2 pm - 3 pm: South Bay (Ap Lei Chau), Headland Road (Repulse Bay), Chung Hom Kok

4. 3 pm – 5 pm: Shek O (Wednesday only, with minimum HK$350), Stanley, Tai Tam

Goodwins of London

Phone: 2812 2400

WhatsApp: 9731 2165

4) Cheapo Cinema Paradiso: Cyberport Broadway Cinemas is just 15 minutes away and has the lowest cost tickets in all of Hong Kong. Use your tickets to validate for 2-hours free parking.

5) Trainspotting – Ocean Park MTR is 10 minutes from Repulse Bay and 15 minutes from Stanley – one stop from Admiralty Station which is a hop skip and jump to all stations on the blue Island line and red Tsuen Wan line.  You can use the MTR Park and ride scheme where you use the same Octopus card for entering the car park and for your ride and the cost of parking is only $14 per hour for weekdays and $16 per hour for weekends and public holidays.

6) World at your feet – close and cheap foot massage options in Happy Valley which is only a 15 minute drive away, park at the Sherwood Court car park.

7) Preparation for perspiration – Both Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness are located at The Pulse, Repulse Bay.


Below are my recommended properties for rent in the Southside:

1. 37 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay - HK$60M / 90K

37 Repulse Bay Road resembles an eagle’s nest with FULL views of Repulse Bay. This elegant 4-bedroom apartment with the stunning sea view will surely impress your party guests.

Click here for detail of this apartment.


Property for sale and rent in Repulse Bay - 37 Repulse Bay Road


2. Burnside Estate, Repulse Bay - HK$110K

In the vicinity of the beach and the Hong Kong International School Repulse Bay campus, this spacious complex with 3 bedrooms is perfect for a family and serve many visitors! It is ready for moving-in!

Click here for detail of this apartment.


Property for rent - Burnside Estate

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