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A Residential Guide to Discovery Bay Villages

Posted: Mar 6 2015Last Updated: Jan 18 2016
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Discovery Bay is a private, self-contained residential development spanning 6.5 square kilometers between Tai Pak Bay and Yi Pak Bay, located on the picturesque coast of Lantau Island. 
Favored by families, this child and pet-friendly community within Hong Kong began development in the 1980s and has been built in 15 phases. Known by residents as the Villages of DB, the residences are comprised of a mix of low-rise blocks, high-rises and stand alone houses. 
For a more comprehensive guide on Discovery Bay, please visit our site here.
Beach Village – Phase 1   For Rent   For Sale
Beach Village was developed in 1982 and consists of low-rise buildings: Seabird Lane, Seahorse Lane and Seabee Lane. Ideal for families with young children, this Village is close to a number of grassy play areas and the beach, and is walking distance to the Plaza. 
Headland Village - Phase 1 & 3   For Rent   For Sale
Located on the most prestigious road within Discovery Bay, Headland Village was developed between 1982 and 1986 and features the semi-detached and select detached houses of Headland Drive, of which a few are equipped with swimming pools. Each Halloween, the road is closed off and the houses are festively decorated to welcome trick-or-treaters!  Situated between the Plaza and North Plaza, facilities are easily accessed by golf carts or bus route #1.
Parkridge Village - Phase 1 & 3   For Rent   For Sale
Parkridge Village was developed between 1982 and 1986 and consists of four high-rise buildings: Starview, Seaview, Sunrise, and Mountain View which feature mainly studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments; and low-rises on Parkland Drive with 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom layouts. These centrally located units are close to the main road and the convenient network of buses. The large children’s play area and ease of transport makes this Village especially suitable for small families. 
Midvale Village – Phase 2   For Rent   For Sale
Midvale Village was developed in 1985 and includes the following high-rise buildings known as “the Hospital Block”: Bayview, Clearview, Island View, Marine View and Pine View. Also included are the low-rise buildings on Middle Lane. Sought after by growing families for its community feel, this area is near a number of hiking trails and one of the most popular play areas in DB which is known to host frequent children’s parties and get-togethers. The spacious units of Midvale Village are served by bus routes #2 and #3. 
Parkvale Village – Phase 3   For Rent   For Sale
Parkvale Village was developed in 1986 and consists of five high-rise buildings, Woodbury, Woodgreen, and Woodland Court, commonly known as “The Woods”, and Crystal Court and Coral Court. Parkvale Village also includes a number of low-rises known as Parkvale Drive. This friendly neighborhood is popular for its proximity to the Plaza and hiking trails, and the ease of transport through bus routes #2 and #3.
Hillgrove Village – Phase 3   For Rent   For Sale
Hillgrove Village was developed in 1986 and features 3 high-rise buildings: Glamour, Elegance and Brilliance Court. Conveniently located across the road from the Plaza and the tennis courts, the studio, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units are extremely popular with couples and families alike. The flats that overlook the tennis courts at night have the added benefit of a calming and mesmerizing view. 
Peninsula Village – Phase 4   For Rent   For Sale
Peninsula Village was developed in 1989 and encompasses Caperidge Drive and Capeland Drive, which consist of several low-rise buildings and 6 high-rise buildings: Cherish Court, Blossom Court, Jovial, Verdant, and Haven Court. Caperidge Drive is situated on the peninsula that is visible from the ferry into DB; all units are either south or north facing and have the most spectacular views of the sea. This Village is also home to 2 children’s play areas, features a shortcut to the coastline, and is readily accessible by bus routes #7 and #8.
Crestmont Villa – Phase 4   For Rent   For Sale
Crestmont Villa was developed in 1989, and includes a series of low-rise buildings and one of the largest children’s play areas in DB. Crestmont also features a large koi pond and waterfall, providing a lovely place to relax and watch the fish swim by. This village is accessible by bus route #7. 
Coastline Villa – Phase 4   For Rent   For Sale
Coastline was developed in 1989, and consists of low-rise buildings located on the far east of Discovery Bay. It features some of the largest 3-bedroom units in DB, with each unit also capitalizing on stunning views of either the sea or marina, and creating the perfect backdrop to unwind on quiet evenings on the balcony. Coastline is home to Discovery Mind Kindergarten, and is accessible by bus route #8. 
Greenvale Village – Phase 5   For Rent   For Sale
Developed in 1991, Greenvale Village consists of high-rise buildings: Greenery, Greenburg, Greenfield, Greenish, Greenland, Greendale, Greenwood, Greenmont and Greenbelt, commonly referred to as “The Greens”.  This Village offers generous floor space for reasonable prices, and is located on the main route through DB, accessible by bus routes C9 and C4. 
DB Plaza – Phase 6   For Rent   For Sale
DB Plaza was developed in 1991 and consists of a block of low-rises. The residences of DB Plaza are located on top of the Plaza, the heart of Discovery Bay, while restaurants, shops, the Residents Club and the ferry pier are all mere steps away.
La Vista – Phase 7   For Rent   For Sale
La Vista was developed in 1994 and consists of low-rise buildings and 1 high-rise building, Vista Court. This Village, with its Mediterranean feel, is within walking distance of the Plaza and most units have stunning views. There is also a children’s play area. 
La Costa – Phase 8   For Rent   For Sale
La Costa was developed in 1995 and consists of low-rise buildings and 2 high-rise, buildings, Costa Court and Onda Court. Located close to the Plaza, and overlooking the ferry pier and Disneyland. This is a convenient, often sought after address. The large children’s play area and water feature are complemented by the Mediterranean theme. Residents can enjoy relaxing evening walks along the promenade, overlooking the ferry pier. 
La Serene – Phase 9   For Rent   For Sale
La Serene was developed in 2000 and is located above La Vista. Consisting of low-rise buildings and 1 high-rise, Serene Court. There is a children’s play area and a very large ornamental water feature. A longer walk to the Plaza is offset by the tranquil feel, and picturesque mountain and sea views. 
Neo Horizon – Phase 10   For Rent   For Sale
Neo Horizon was developed in 2000 and consists of two high-rise buildings: Neo Horizon 1 and 2. Front units overlook Central Park in Siena and also Hong Kong Island. Its location on the main road makes this Village easy for residents to jump on any bus to either the Plaza or North Plaza. The 2 buildings have an art deco feel with a “Hole” through the middle of the building to allow “dragons” to fly through.
Siena One – Phase 11   For Rent   For Sale
Siena One was developed in 2002 and consists of low-rise buildings, garden houses and 2 high-rise buildings: Skyline and Crestline Mansions. This Village is located around Central Park, a wonderful location for any family, which features a large green area, children’s playground complete with climbing frames and slides to entertain even the older children (and parents!) and a large lake. The walk around the park is extremely pleasant and once a year, the “Picnic in the Park” takes places here, showcasing local bands and entertaining the DB crowds. Accessible by bus routes C4, C9 and S9, the Siena Club and Discovery College are also located in this area. 
Siena Two – Phase 12   For Rent   For Sale
Siena Two was developed in 2003 and consists of low-rises and 4 high-rise buildings: Peaceful Mansion, Joyful Mansion, Graceful and Celestial Mansions. This Village is within walking distance to the North Plaza, Siena Club and Discovery College and features a large green area tucked in between the Siena 2 buildings, which provides families an area to kick a ball or have a picnic.  Siena 2 is located closer to the main road than Siena One, making it easier to access transport, and bus routes C4 and C9. 
Chianti – Phase 13    For Rent   For Sale
Chianti was developed in 2007 and consists of 5 high-rise buildings including: Pavilion, Barion, Lustre, Hemex and Premier. Chianti has its own private swimming pool and some units feature sky gardens, the perfect places to rest and relax. Located close to the North Plaza, and the sky travellator, Chianti has a pleasant community where children can safely play together, away from the traffic of the main road. The dedicated concierge service and staff in this Village are always polite and extremely helpful.
Amalfi – Phase 14   For Rent   For Sale
Developed in 2014, Amalfi is made up of 3 high-rise buildings: Amalfi 1, 2 & 3. This family friendly development has a modern feel and features a large private pool serving all the units. In close proximity to the North Plaza, residents can take advantage of the sky travelator, which offers a short cut and a unique way to get around. 
Positano – Phase 15   For Rent   For Sale
Positano was developed in 2014 and consists of low-rise buildings. Each building has a duplex on the ground floor with a private pool, a single middle flour unit, and a Duplex top floor unit, again with its own private pool. Each unit in this new development has a spectacular view facing Hong Kong Island. 

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