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Despite the Current Coronavirus Crisis, Real Estate Experts Don’t Foresee Prices Falling to SARS Levels

12 March 2020 - Amidst the black-swan emergence of the coronavirus, rather than simply state my own views about the potential impact on property prices, I want to also summarize what various real estate experts across different parts of the industry are saying.  Here’s a range of recent comments from real estate professionals, followed by my own v
By: Joshua Han Miller

Hefty Management Fees Add to Escalating Costs of Real Estate in Hong Kong

15 September 2017 - Just as you finalize your flat or negotiate your new lease, you'll be compelled to talk about management fees. According to SCMP, management fees are reasonable in Hong Kong considering the benefits they provide tenants and landlords. People can expect to pay 10 percent of the total rental figure.As with property prices themse

What is the Effect of High Property Prices on First Time Buyers?

26 April 2017 - The increasing costs of property ownership is a prevalent topic in Hong Kong. Despite more stringent mortgage lending requirements   and the introduction of the Government stamp duty last year, the resounding trend in property prices is upwards. Looking to the Centaline’s Centa-City Index as a marker, house prices in March 2017 al

The Housing Prices of Different Districts in Hong Kong

21 December 2016 - As of September 2016, month-on-month appreciation of Hong Kong real estate prices as a whole have risen by 9.93%.  This is reflective of a 4.03% price depreciation of Hong Kong island properties, a 5.14% price increase in the Kowloon property market and a 22.80% surge in New Territories or Outlying Island property prices. Hong

Is Access to Easy Money Creating a Hong Kong Property Market Bubble?

Joshua Han Miller is the Chief Executive Officer and Board Director at with close to 20 years’ experience in finance, leadership and Hong Kong property. Before moving into the real estate industry, Joshua was a Vice President with Morgan Stanley, working in the Global Capital Markets and Investment Banking divisions in Hong Kong and New Y
By: Joshua Han Miller

Hong Kong’s Property Game: Monopolized

13 August 2015 - Hong Kong is one of the world’s most expensive places to live and it is becoming harder to find a place to call home when property prices continue to soar, smashing records for years despite the government’s cooling measures already in effect. Sky-high property prices have led to many buyers having to make do with micro-sized apar

The Big Apple's Next Big Thing: New York High-rise trend picks up steam

March 19, 2015 - Marked by the USD100M sale of a 75th floor duplex penthouse last December, an emerging trend of luxurious condo skyscrapers is hitting Midtown Manhattan, New York City, officially turning the borough into one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the world.Brewing over the last decade, this trend gathered steam when Zeckendorf

Hong Kong’s Home prices rose for the 10th straight month despite cooling measures

10 February 2015 - Hong Kong’s property prices continued to hit historic highs in spite of the government’s efforts to curb speculative activities. The latest Centa-City Leading Index (CCL) marked another record at 136.35, showing a steady increase for the 10th consecutive month.South China Morning Post reported that the government will receive HK

HKMA introduces new mortgage assessment regulations to suppress property investors

22 January 2015 - Effective from 20 January 2015, The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has adopted new measures to further tighten mortgage lending practices of banks in Hong Kong. Some analysts regard the act as another deterrent to property investors and a way of suppressing inflating property prices. After reviewing the effectiveness of the

Hong Kong’s residential property prices graded as World’s ‘Most Severely Unaffordable’

20 January 2015 – At 17 times the median household income, Hong Kong’s home prices continue to top the list of least affordable markets among major world cities according to American research institution Demographia’s latest report. The Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey 2015 includes 378 property markets around the globe, gene
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