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How will China's stock market crash affect Hong Kong property?

24 July 2015 - On June 12 2015, China’s stock market underwent a crash that led to the Shanghai Stock Exchange plummeting more than 30% in value in the June-July period. The crash was reportedly due to a result of a huge influx of individual, amateur investors suddenly flooding the market in conjunction with the diminishing strength of China’s eco

Professional qualification for property agents is cancelled in China

3 September 2014 - To simplify the excessive number of vocational qualifications, the State Council of China decided to cancel types of professional qualifications for 11 industries. The professional qualification for real estate agents has been placed at the top of the to-be-cancelled list. Market insiders said that the new regulation will reduce

Mainland property agencies cut spending on SouFun

21 August 2014 - 19 property agencies in Shanghai have come together and removed their listings from leading real estate portal due to continuously rising advertising rates and a conflict of interest that has emerged. The agency alliance said that SouFun raised its listing prices 10 times in the past five years. Agencies are becoming mo
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