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Ingrid Lau was born and raised in Hong Kong. She returned with a B.A. and M.A. from the U.S.A and Canada respectively and spent 15+ years pursuing a marketing career in Banking and Hospitality.

Ingrid has worked and engaged with people of diverse and multinational backgrounds and is quick to anticipate and understand her clients’ needs.

Her skill set includes the ability to develop relationships with landlords, tenants and respective stakeholders alike built on reliability and trust. She is able to take a home search, a task that many feel is daunting, and make it a hassle-free and even enjoyable one.

Ingrid is fluent in Cantonese and English and can converse in Mandarin. In her spare time, she is an avid golfer and a pickle baller.

Client Testimonials

I am Nisha Nair and newly relocated to Hong Kong for employment. You might know the efforts and workaround required to settle in a new country. These transformations are only possible when we get the opportunity to meet the right set of people in every sphere of life. I am fortunate to have met Mrs. Ingrid Lau, who made my apartment search comfortable and seamless. As a newcomer, I was overwhelmed and worried about how the transition took place. Ingrid understood my requirements in terms of proximity to the workplace, appliances in the house, house condition, budget, etc. I wasn’t much aware of the regulations around tenancy rules, how to set up the utilities, etc. Ingrid helped me tirelessly and extensively, from assisting in viewing different apartments to the final move-in. The paperwork was handled and executed expertly, too, along with sharing timely updates with both the tenant and the landlord. She is indeed a fantastic professional and knows how to take care of her clients.
Mrs. Manisha Naresh SHARMA
Ingrid has assisted me with the search and it has taken me about 3 weeks to find a place where I wanted to put an offer in. I have a very particular taste with real estate, given I grew up living in custom designed houses. Ingrid has been very patient with me and very professional as she has always come well prepared to show properties. She has showed me about a dozen properties but never tried to pressurise me and always put my best interest first which I truly appreciate. Ingrid is also very pleasant to interact with, and it was a great pleasure to be supported by her.
Mayu Nishijima
Would just like to give commendation to her assistance with our house search. Given how challenging it is in looking for a new house, what with our busy schedules and having a very active little girl as well, Ingrid really made it seamless by providing us organized tours of our prospects, accommodating us on our time, and doing the liaising with the landlords on our behalf in terms of negotiations on pricing, as well as providing inputs on what needs fixing and such. We surely wouldn't have been able to do it in such an easy and timely fashion without her help, so we would like to give thanks to her and to OKAY for the OKAY services. And did I say she is great with kids as well? Again, thank you and will not hesitate to recommend her services in the future!
Ingrid was really friendly, professional, and trustworthy from the start. She was able to show flats on very little notice and as a result, we were able to find a dream flat. She was also very effective at helping us negotiate the price by suggesting we include our photos and write a short biography. As a result, we were able to agree on a great offer. She also made sure that the flat was in great condition, and was able to spot things that needed addressing with the landlord. Thanks to her everything was sorted in time for our move. In addition, she managed to secure one week rent-free for us and gave us a wonderful gift on our moving day. We would definitely recommend Ingrid to anyone looking for a flat in Hong Kong, and will definitely use her services again in the future!
Nataly and Terrence

Property Recommendations

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