Why Joining Forces With a Real Estate Agent Is So Important When Selling Your Home

Posted: Nov 25 2020Last Updated: Nov 25 2020

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25 November 2020 - These days, the idea selling a home on your own without professional outside help might seem like a smart way to keep real estate agent fees in your pocket. However, history is filled with numerous tales about the pitfalls associated with DIY home sellers as today the complexities and procedures involved in real estate transactions can indeed be quite daunting.

With this in mind, we have detailed a host of important reasons why teaming up with a professional real estate agent can, in the end, dramatically improve your chances of successfully selling your property to qualified buyers while avoiding the potential hazards of going it alone.

Licensed real estate agents are dedicated full-time professionals

You probably have your own job to worry about and personal matters to take care of every day. Being constantly bothered by “widow shoppers” asking questions and taking up your valuable time to view your home is not something most people generally enjoy. On the other hand, a real estate agent is a full-time professional who can handle any and all enquires, properly gauge intentions, and qualify serious buyers. When you team with an estate agent, you can drop off the key and have them show, explain…and help successfully sell your property while you remain focused with your own matters.

Gain access to a wide network

Real estate agents are constantly building and nurturing network relationships with their clients, other agents, and even real estate agencies. This is one of the main aspects of their job! As a result, they are able to assemble a large and Impressive roster of interested home-buying prospects. If you tried to do this on your own, you would no doubt have a much smaller list of enthusiastic potential purchasers. This can mean a longer period before you sell your home and probably having to do it for less than its true value.

Qualifying Real Interest

Experienced realtors are experts at asking the kinds of questions that will determine whether a person is really serious or not about buying a home. They can then help guide a qualified potential prospect to make the purchase. A typical homeowner very rarely has the kind of expertise to determine the ‘just looking’ individual from the ‘I’m ready to deal’ purchaser.

Proxy protection

Generally speaking, potential buyers feel uncomfortable when an owner is present during a home viewing. There is an unspoken pressure and powerplay dynamic that can put off an otherwise potential purchaser. That’s why having a real estate agent serve as your trusted proxy will make the entire sales process more efficient and manageable.

Price negotiating requires experience and skill

Today prospective home buyers are often very particular about what they want, and real estate agents fully understand the most common demands from those in the market. A current home owner will probably have very little idea about what might be wrong with their unit and therefore won’t know how to remedy the situation. A real estate agent can quickly determine those aspects of a home that might be discouraging potential buyers. This can be a key factor in the success or failure of a sale.

Negotiating the legal landmines

There are pages and pages of bureaucratic paperwork as well as legal matters to consider when selling your home. That’s why it is essential to have a qualified estate agent there to help guide you through all the technical details, so that you don’t end up getting in legal hot water or even sued by the eventual buyer. Agents deal with home closings on a regular basis and they are kept updated on the very latest government housing-related regulations. In this way they can be an invaluable source of information when you decide to sell your unit.

Going it alone is a huge challenge fraught with unexpected hurdles when trying to put your home on the market. The money you might save will be far outweighed by the potential setbacks you are likely to face. The average homeowner has neither the expertise nor the experience to successfully overcome the many complex pitfalls that selling a house can entail. For this reason, teaming up with a professional, qualified real estate agent is by far the most popular and safest method to follow when putting your home on the market. Estate agents offer a wider network of contacts coupled with deep knowledge of the industry, which can be put to great use to help ensure a successful sale for you.

At OKAY.com you’ll meet some of the most experienced and professional real estate agents in all of Hong Kong. Feel free to contact them and take advantage of their industry expertise when you plan to put your home up for sale.


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