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Posted: Jul 11 2016Last Updated: Jul 11 2016
11 July 2016 - A stone’s throw away from the modern and jam packed streets of Central, Sheung Wan presents itself as a quiet haven of hipster cafés, art galleries, and streets and markets that harken back to colonial times. Its mural-lined walls bear a stark contrast to the metallic, corporate buildings in neighboring Central District. One thing that you will find rare in Sheung Wan is a sense of corporate culture and the presence of brand franchises; these two things in particular seem to almost be an anathema to the typical person roaming Sheung Wan’s streets. If you yourself are: an art aficionado, a café lurker, or a person who houses a nostalgic longing for traditional, colonial Hong Kong, then Sheung Wan presents itself as a hub to satiate your interests.  
Upper Lascow Row “Cat Street” and Hollywood Road “Antique Street”
Technically going by Upper Lascow Row, but enshrined with the de facto name ‘Cat Street’, Cat Street is a location permeated with antique and jewelry stores. While there are sure to be genuine retailers, there are also known to be some unscrupulous dealers selling newly minted ‘ancient coins’. If authenticity is your main priority, then shop here with cautious discretion. Hollywood Road, more commonly known as Antique Street, finds itself in the same boat as Cat Street and it is worth exercising caution before purchasing an antique from any dealer. 
An additional place to visit along Antique Street is Man Mo Temple. Built in 1847, the temple is the largest of its kind in Hong Kong. Dedicated to both the god of literature (Man Tai) and the god of war (Mo Tai), the temple was established as a Declared Monument in 2010, and is an aesthetically impressive sight that distinguishes itself from its urban enclosure. 
Western Market
The wares sold within the market itself are actually not the reason why the location is a tourist attraction. The architecture of the marketplace itself is what makes the Western Market distinct. Where the Man Mo Temple deviates from the urban landscape with its traditional Chinese architecture, the Western Market’s Edwardian influenced design offers up an exception to the sleek concrete jungle of buildings commonly associated with Hong Kong.
Tai Ping Shan Street
Tai Ping Shan Street and the streets adjacent to it are café and art gallery hubs. The sort of cafes that line this area echo the core sentiments behind the murals and graffiti etched upon the walls of the web-like array of alleyways the street is connected to: creativity and independence. If you ever have a free afternoon during the weekdays and you are looking to spend it either working or reading, then this street should be the first place you think of. Many cafés have charging outlets and Wifi for their guests, but do keep in mind that some cafés like Lof10 close as the sun goes down.
Bounce Limit HK
This attraction is unlike all others. The first studio of its kind in Hong Kong, Bounce Limit is a particular fitness studio that involves exercising with trampolines. The studio claims that its classes and the routines they teach can help customers burn up to 1000 calories an hour on trampoline gear that is sturdy enough to support up to 150kg (330lb). If you are in need of an intense cardio session, Bounce Limit HK is situated at The Pemberton, 13/F 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan.

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