Top Things to Do in Sha Tin

Posted: Jun 30 2016Last Updated: Jun 30 2016
30 June 2016 - Normally considered as a purely residential area, Sha Tin does not immediately pique the interest of tourists outside of its large mall, New Town Plaza. However, Sha Tin has a wealth of cultural and recreational services that provide entertainment to residents and tourists alike. From the Heritage Museum to the park and bowling center located close by, Sha Tin has the capability to be more than a shopping stop. 
Sha Tin Park
Situated right outside New Town Plaza, the park itself is relatively large and spacious compared to other parks in Hong Kong; comprising 19.89 acres of land in total. Replete with ponds, traditional Chinese architecture, playground equipment, and a small fort of stone, this particular destination is great for relaxation and leisure activities, no matter what age you are. Sitting adjacent to the park, lie a river and biking trail, with bike rental shops nestled alongside the latter. 
Snoopy’s World
Found outside of the upper levels of New Town Plaza, Snoopy’s World is a theme park dedicated to the globally celebrated comic strip. The first one of its kind in Asia, Snoopy’s World contains a wide number of attractions for all fans, including a canoe ride and a replica of the school buses the Peanuts cast ride in the comics. 
Sha Tin Racecourse
One of the two racecourses in Hong Kong, the stadium itself is massive, capable of housing 85,000 people within its walls. With races happening on a consistent basis, the racecourse serves as a constant, enjoyable, and nail-biting experience for casual sightseers and dedicated speculators. A timetable for the races can be found here, bear in mind that the dates listed on the calendar include both racecourses, so make sure you confirm whether or not the race date is being hosted at the Sha Tin racecourse or the Happy Valley racecourse.
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
As no monks currently reside within its borders, it is technically not a monastery as its name suggests. There are also over 12 thousand Buddha statues that can be found within the ‘monastery’, rather than the stated 10 thousand. These pedantic observations, should not and do not, however, take away from the beauty of this structure.  The location is a popular tourist destination and congregation area for Buddhists, and is located at 220 Pai Tau Village. 
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
This museum is located at 1 Man Lam Road. As the fundamental purpose of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum involves the preservation of heritage, it is more than understandable that half of its exhibition space and galleries are allotted to 6 permanent exhibitions, with temporary exhibitions taking up the remaining area. The permanent exhibitions and galleries consist of the following: the New Territories Heritage Hall, the Children’s Discovery Gallery, the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, the T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art, and the Chao Shao-an Gallery. The museum has hosted a large number of notable exhibitions over the years, including the memorial exhibition of Hong Kong TV actress Lydia Shum.

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