[Interior Design] Pursuing the Beauty of Simplicity - Minimalist, Non-print Decorating Style

Posted: Oct 7 2020Last Updated: Oct 7 2020

minimalist interior design ideas Hong Kong

7 October 2020 - While there are many types of outdoor design styles, this time we’d like to introduce the widely admired Japanese Muji style for the coming year. It looks nice, isn’t overly complicated, and it’s indeed quite popular. This chic and simple style of home decoration is based mainly on light or earth-tone colors, which give a clean and tidy impression, and offer a comfortable, laid-back feeling for the owner. If you also like this style of decoration, please look at these examples.

Take the following two-bedroom, one-living unit of about 580 sq. ft as an example. The room partition itself is square and functional, and the original decoration retained a slightly traditional look. The new homeowner decided to change it to the popular simple Muji style, so he chose light colors and wood tones to create a warm feeling.

Unit information:

Decoration cost: about HK$370,000

Saleable area: 580 sq. ft.

Layout: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 toilet

Estate: Castle City, Sha Tin District

1. Light coloring for the main tone

80% of the walls in the unit are finished in white paint, except some light grey, which is used on the wall behind the TV, to create a kind of - "theme wall" effect. The bright white main tone is used to enhance the overall sense of space, and makes the interior brighter under sunlight. White and grey paint harmonize together; this is also common in Nordic-style decoration design.

Minimalist interior design light colour

2. Wood elements

Using wooden flooring and wood furniture creates a simple, natural, warm and sunny feeling. If you replace the original solid wood flooring with a seamless floor, it makes the overall feel softer and improves moisture-proofing capabilities. In addition, since seamless flooring is cheaper and has better wear and scratch resistance than solid wood flooring, it has prompted many Hong Kong families to choose seamless floor styles in recent years.

Moreover, because the floor is made of light-colored wood, different furniture wood tones have been selected to create a special layering effect. This is evident in the walnut-colored dining table, oak-colored storage cabinets, and other combined furniture pieces.

Minimalist interior design wood furniture fixture appliance

3. Open space

The owner changed the original closed kitchen space into an open one, which doubled the hallway area and added more of a modern lifestyle vibe. At the same time, a C-shaped shoe cabinet and bar counter were added to the original wall, which creates a beautiful, stylish touch, and also increases the overall cooking area and storage space.

Minimalist interior design open layout open kitchen

4. Imitation marble tiles

Marble tiles are rich in texture and lustre and they often provide that touch of luxury. At the same time, there are many marble tile styles to choose from and they’re easy to match. It is perhaps one of the most commonly used decoration surfaces in many families’ homes. But be careful, using too much or choosing a marble surface that is too bright will result in an outdated, old-fashioned look.

That’s why, for this decoration example, the focus is solely on the wall of the open kitchen where hexagonal imitation marble tiling was specially selected and added. Its tone and texture are not much different from those of natural marble. The hexagonal matte surface gives it both a trendy and distinctive look. However, when laying hexagonal tiles there are certain handicraft application requirements involved, which must be given careful attention to!

Minimalist interior design marble tiles

5. Custom-made furniture

The owner specially ordered a set of furniture pieces for the master bedroom, including a hydraulic double bed, wardrobe, dressing table and bedside table. The use of custom-made furniture not only makes optimal use of the space, but also adapts well to an owner’s particular preferences when choosing different styles, which he or she can then place according to their own individual lifestyle habits.

minimalist interior design custom-made furniture

minimalist interior design custom made furniture functionality

In addition to the above example, we also specifically searched for a few simple, non-print decoration units for your reference:

Skyline Mansion - Conduit Road (Mid-levels West)

Property id: 13130

Properties in Mid-levels West for sale for rent Skyline Mansion Conduit Road

Properties in Mid-levels West for sale for rent Skyline Mansion Conduit Road

Conduit Tower (Mid-levels West)

Property id: 26542

Properties in Mid-levels West for sale for rent Conduit Tower

Properties in Mid-levels West for sale for rent Conduit Tower

125A Second Street (Sai Ying Pun)

Property id: 383503

Properties in Sai Ying Pun for sale for rent 125A Second Street

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