Home sweet home: 5 reasons why Sheung Wan makes the perfect home

Posted: Aug 9 2019Last Updated: Aug 9 2019

Properties for rent and sale in Sheung Wan

9 August 2019 - Sheung Wan, located in the Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island, is one of the city’s oldest communities. During the colonial period, Sheung Wan was one of the first areas where Chines people were allowed to build houses and form their own communities and to date, the area maintains its unique culture where east meets west. Expats of various nationalities as well as locals enjoy the calm but cool vibe that Sheung Wan exudes. Just minutes away from the main business area of Central, Sheung Wan offers convenience but doesn’t let the hustle and bustle sweep it off its feet. OKAY.COM has enlisted five awesome apartments that would give you a true taste of this wonderful area.


1. Rich history & distinctive architecture


Sheung Wan is one of the first areas to be developed in Hong Kong. A lot of the old shops, or at least the shopfronts, can still be found on streets such as Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Row. Antique stalls selling jewellery, furniture, books and posters form the famed Cat Street Market on Lascar Row, where tourists and locals alike scour unique finds. Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road is perhaps the most popular landmarks in Sheung Wan. Built in 1847, the architecture dates back to the Qing dynasty and is proven to be fascinating to many. A high level unit at Tai Hing House overlooks the ye olde temple; the one-bed apartment is airy, freshly renovated and comes with a rooftop that rarely comes by on Hong Kong Island. Tucked away in a quiet street near the busy Hollywood Road, life at Tai Hing House is surprisingly relaxing. The apartment is available for sale at $9,000,000, or rent at $25,000 per month.

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Properties for rent in Sheung Wan - Tai Hing House


2. Hipster cool


One of the biggest advantages of choosing Sheung Wan over the major commercial hub of Central is the lower rent and a generally slower pace and more relaxed lifestyle. A combination of those elements presents the perfect recipe for small businesses, which explains the area’s burgeoning restaurant and cafe scene. If sampling new menus, browsing arts and treating yourself to an excellent cup of artisan coffee sound like the perfect weekend for you, this 500-square-foot unit on Square Street is just what you are looking for. This one-bed apartment is bright and airy, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that can be found all over the flat. A lovely rooftop area adds even more fun to your weekend as barbeques with friends and family, or a nice bottle of wine with your beloved are looking very possible. The apartment is for sale at $11,200,000.

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Properties for sale in Sheung Wan - 2 Square Street


3. Party till you drop


A good life with good company and amazing food is what Sheung Wan residents are after and being only a 10-15-minute walk away from SoHo, where the best bars and clubs in town can be found is only another reason to move into the area. Go ahead and enjoy a few drinks with your colleagues after work, or head out to paint the town red, knowing that home is just a short walk away, and it’d offer the reassuring tranquility that you’ll need the day after a big night out. This Tai Ping Shan Street studio is fully furnished with stylish decor and would make a lovely home for singles or couples. The studio is for sale at $8,000,000.

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Properties for sale in Sheung Wan - Tai Ping Shan Street


4. Easy commute


Multiple bus and minibus routes are available up on Caine Road, while MTR, trams and more buses dot Des Voeux Road Central and Connaught Road Central - Sheung Wan residents enjoy probably some of the best public transport in Hong Kong. This two-bed, two-bath apartment at CentrePoint on Staunton Street has a lot to offer: the 672-square-foot apartment is equipped with a second bathroom, which, along with the generous layout, are a rare find in Hong Kong. The flat is also strategically located in arguably the best school net on the island. Apart from quality education, your kids are also guaranteed plenty of fun at the building’s clubhouse. The unit is for sale at $19,000,000 and for rent at $40,000 per month.

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Properties for rent in Sheung Wan - CentrePoint


5. An area that offers everything


The long history of Sheung Wan can be felt everywhere, such as on Des Voeux Road Central, where a distinctive colonial-style architecture that is the Western Market is located. Upon entering the market, you can find specialty crafts, fabrics and collectibles - a piece of old Hong Kong to bring home with you. Speaking of old Hong Kong, traditional dried goods stores and Chinese medicine shops are abundant near the Western Market so go crazy exploring. Ka On Building on Connaught Road West is located close to all of the above as well as the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, where all kinds of facilities such as swimming pools, squash and table tennis courts are available for renting at a low hourly rate. The park also houses a large central lawn, where you can enjoy some space and fun sunbathing or having a picnic. The 540-square-foot one-bedroom unit oozes a chic Scandinavian industrial vibe and comes with a cute balcony at an asking price of $9,280,000.

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Properties for sale in Sheung Wan - Ka On Building


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