8 Things to Know Before Moving to Sai Kung

Posted: Mar 5 2019Last Updated: Mar 5 2019

5 March 2019 - There is a real laid-back, relaxed fishing village vibe in Sai Kung. Couples and families are moving into the neighbourhood in search of quality homes, open space and tranquillity, or perhaps a bit more space to raise their kids. While you may already be quite familiar with this favourite weekend getaway, these are 8 things to know when considering moving to the ‘back garden of Hong Kong’.  

1.   ‘Back garden of Hong Kong’

Sai Kung is naturally beautiful and offers plenty of outdoor activities for the outdoor enthusiasts. Blessed with a beautiful coastline and abundant green spaces, Sai Kung has a myriad of hiking trails and lovely beaches. Highlights include Tai Long Wan beach and the areas in and around Clear Water Bay.

2.   Far away but close enough

Sai Kung is a quiet retreat from the bustle of the city, mainly served by buses and mini-buses that connect you to Mong Kok, Choi Hung and Diamond Hill. Several newer developments such as The Mediterranean, developed by Sino in Tai Mong Tsai Road also run complimentary bus or limousine services to Hang Hau MTR Station, a 25-minute ride to Central.

3.   Everyday conveniences

Compared with other popular expat areas such as Lantau, Sai Kung enjoys more in terms of schooling, medical care, shopping and weekend activities – all important considerations for a young couple or family. Other major daily amenities such as supermarkets, drugstores, government offices and clinics, etc. are all within easy reach in Sai Kung town.

4.   Recreational activities

There are plenty of options for recreational activities in Sai Kungincluding weekend markets along the waterfront, numerous sports clubs for children and adults and some of Hong Kong’s most pristine hiking and beaches. In the Summer, many people hire small boats to catch cuttlefish, which is a favourite pastime for local residents. You can also take the water taxis known as kaitos or sampans from the two public piers to visit Trio Beach, Yim Tin Tsai and the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark to explore the natural beauty of Sai Kung.

5.   A mix of international delicacies

As a former fishing village, Sai Kung town is close to the sea and a spot for seafood lovers. Visitors can feast on seafood along the bustling waterfront or enjoy various delicacies at both Asian and Western-style pubs and restaurants tailored to the appetite of the large expat community in neighbourhood.

6.   Pet-friendly

Sai Kung is one of the most pet-friendly neighbourhoods in Hong Kong, not only because of the large green spaces for your four-legged friends to run about, but also the number of cafes and outdoor restaurants that welcome both you and your pet. For example, the Sai Kung Classified features an open outdoor cafe that is the perfect place for you and your four-legged companion to settle in for the afternoon with a cup of gourmet-style coffee.

7.   Low-density neighbourhoods favoured by expats

Sai Kung has one of the largest expat communities in Hong Kong. It provides the option of living in a coastline neighbourhood that offers a vast view of the waters and a relaxing environment, especially with the increasing number of low-density residential developments built over the last several years such as The Mediterranean and Park Mediterranean, built and managed by the Sino Group.

8.   Spacious living options

Like many places in the New Territories, Sai Kung is full of traditional three-storey village houses which are generally more spacious compared with most highrises. One feature of these houses is that they almost all come with either a rooftop garden or a large terrace. If Village houses do tend to be older and lack facilities, so if you prefer newer buildings Sai Kung has become a popular district for new development. For example, Pak Sha Wan (also known as Hebe Haven) has several luxury developments comprised of modern and spacious townhouses and low-rises, offering an abundance of options for those considering a move into this area.  You can start researching Sai Kung options today at OKAY.com, of course.  😊


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