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Get More from Your Hong Kong Property Agent—Landlords & Home Sellers

Posted: Mar 6 2018Last Updated: Mar 6 2018
If you are a Hong Kong property owner, good luck trying to secure the best price within the shortest vacancy period possible. Facing up against competitors in the Hong Kong property market requires well-thought-out promotional strategies, specialised knowledge, and a bit of luck. So, leave it to the experts—this is how you can make the most of the services of your Hong Kong property agent:
Stay on Top of the Hong Kong Property Market
Your property agent can keep you informed on the Hong Kong property market so you can be sure that you are not selling your property too far above, or below market value. By providing you with information on comparable homes in the area, you can also get a better picture of Hong Kong property prices.  
Maximise Exposure for your Hong Kong Property
Whether you are looking to sell or rent your property, your Hong Kong property agent can help you maximise exposure for your listing if you appoint them as your sole agent. For example, if you appoint OKAY.com as your sole agency, you will gain access to the marketing capabilities of all OKAY.com agents and our in-house marketing team. You can expect to have your listing
  • Featured on our homepage, which has more than 30,000 unique visitors each month; 
  • Stand out from standard listings via professional photos and a virtual tour of your property; 
  • Included in our electronic direct mail (eDM) at least once a month to more than 20,000 individuals; 
  • Advertised across a wide selection of different channels; 
  • Marketed to thousands of property agents across Hong Kong;
  • … and more.
Your appointed agent, who will be your exclusive point of contact during the sole agency period, will also give you detailed reports and analyses on the number of viewings and offers your listing has received, as well as any feedback that may help you sell or rent your property faster at the most desirable price.
To find out more about our sole agency services, click here
Connect with High-Calibre Tenants and Investors
Make the most of your relationship with your property agent by tapping into their experience and high-calibre network. Think beyond tenants and investors: your property agent’s network includes other agents. Real estate agents at OKAY.com, for example, are encouraged to refer clients to one another because they will be rewarded a part of the commission for every successful referral. This speeds up the process of identifying the best matches between landlords, tenants and buyers. This exchange of information happens between property agents from different agencies, too, which multiplies your chances of finding your tenant or buyer.
Our guide explains in greater detail how our property agents can help you find your dream tenant.
Attract Only Serious Buyers
Appointing a property agent as your sole agent enhances his or her accountability for your property. Paired with a more comprehensive understanding of your property, its potential and the amount of interest has drawn, your real estate agent will be more selective when arranging for prospective buyers to view your flat. This is especially important if your property is currently occupied and viewings are more difficult to coordinate.
Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Tenant
Your property agent can help manage your prospective tenants’ expectations by explaining the circumstances under which you would be willing to foot the bill. By advising your tenant on his or her responsibilities—for example, basic home maintenance tasks such as changing lightbulbs—informing your tenant on Hong Kong tenancy laws and regulations, and preparing the necessary paperwork to ensure that your tenant is aware of his or her obligations, your real estate agent can also help set the tone for an effective landlord-tenant relationship.
Access Useful Contacts
If you need to fix or replace something in your rental property but are not sure who to turn to, ask your property agent for recommendations. After all, they would have worked with many landlords and would most likely know the best contractors and handymen out there.
Your property deserves greater exposure: list with us to reach thousands more of interested tenants and investors through our website, property portals, social media platforms, eDMs, and print advertising.

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