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10 Facts to Know About Chinese New Year

23 January 2017 - You’ll be hearing the phrase “Gong Hei Fat Choy” a lot this this season which means congratulations and be prosperous in the future! Chinese New Year in Hong Kong includes ceremonies and traditions that are not only interesting but intertwined with a deep ancestral history. Starting on 28 January this year, this holiday is about

Chinese Superstitions in Hong Kong

Dubbed as Asia’s world city, local Hong Kongers still adhere to certain Chinese superstitions and customs in everyday life. These superstitions are rooted deeply in Chinese history, with people constantly tiptoeing around them to avoid the curse of bad luck. Here are some popular Chinese superstitions and beliefs still held to be true by many in

The Hong Kong Art Scene: Where to Fulfil Your Artistic Yearnings

In recent years, Hong Kong’s art scene has been firmly establishing its place on the global stage.  For aspiring art lovers and collectors, this translates into a packed schedule of annual festivals, exhibitions and gallery events with pieces that delight, shock and stimulate the mind – sometimes simultaneously! This article aims to help you get

Where to explore Hong Kong’s culture?

Encompassing Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories (including Outlying Islands), Hong Kong is a haven for cultural attractions. Be it functional brick-and-mortar landmarks reflective of colonial history or Chinese heritage sites which allude to the clan settler days of yore, apart from existing as a unique confluence between East and

Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong: Tales & Traditions

Hong Kong has long acted as the confluence between East and West, uniquely blending the best of both worlds. One item particularly worth celebrating is the city’s recognition of a wide range of exciting holidays from cultures across the World, as well as its preservation of the more traditional Chinese festivals that still compose an important par

Where and what to eat in Hong Kong

More than a cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong has long been praised as a food paradise. The cuisine in Hong Kong reflects its rich blend of cultures and is as wide in variety, ranging from sweet French pastries, English breakfasts, to spicy Thai food. From local flavours to international menus, the city offers countless culinary delights. No matter wha

Cross-Cultural Tips in Business and Daily Life in Hong Kong

Making Comparisons Try and avoid using “home” as a benchmark for comparison, particularly if highlighting to someone local the things you cannot get in Hong Kong, or that are “better” at home.  It can become a habit and greatly detract from the enjoyment of what Hong Kong has to offer.   Moving to Hong Kong is an opportunity to learn about a new
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