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Regent Palisades

1,180 / 1,509 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Tommy Kwan


Sheung Wan
HKD 28M / 68K Inc.
912 / 1,450 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Louise Garnaut

David Lane

Sai Ying Pun
822 sq. ft. (S.A.)
Alan McKenzie

Mountain Lodge

The Peak
2,222 / 2,600 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Jenson Au

Regent Height

Western District
HKD 23.9M
764 / 904 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Jessica Ho

Lobster Bay Villa

Clearwater Bay
2,100 sq. ft. (S.F.A)
Louise Garnaut

Kam Fai Mansion

Mid-levels Central
HKD 25.5M
1,254 / 1,500 sq. ft. (S.A./G.F.A)
Melanie Krepp

Mok Tse Che

Sai Kung
HKD 7.5M
700 sq. ft. (S.F.A)
Yvonne Lee

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OKAY.com’s New Online Property Search App

25 September 2020 - Buying or renting a new home in Hong Kong can become a truly daunting experience made all the more difficult given recent social distancing measures. Finding the right place at the right price requires extremely accurate and detailed information. And while the large number highly professional real estate agents in Hong Kong are there to help prospective buyers or renters, there are also a number of dedicated apps that the public can use to help get the entire search

4 major steps: to fully protect your renovation plan!

27 August 2020 - Each year Hong Kong records a large number of disputes concerning interior home decoration work. In fact, the Consumer Council rates it as one of the top three most complaint-ridden industries in Hong Kong. Do you want to avoid disputes and protect your decoration plans? Let’s take a look at four things that must not be overlooked before any renovation project begins! Make good use of public guidelines to reduce disputes In the past year, Codeco, t

Key Factors to Consider When Doing Online Property Searches

7 August 2020 - Even before there was a thing called the COVID-19 pandemic, people all around the world had adopted the use of on-line information searches to handle everything from restaurant menus to piano lesson price comparisons. Today it seems that everything we need to know is just a few clicks away on a computer or smartphone. But with any kind of research aimed at enhancing your everyday life also comes certain key things to remember. This is especially true when carrying ou

Can You Renovate the Appearance of a Property in 14 days and rent it at a higher pri

29 July 2020 - As long as you have a good grasp of the essentials: paint, furniture and houseware items, it’s not that difficult to do a make-over of a property in 14 days! After you understand what decorating lite is all about, you can try to add this concept to your own decoration plans. This time we will use an actual unit to demonstrate with Codeco. This two-bedroom and one-living room flat with a usable area of about 559 sq. ft. was purchased by the owner in 2017. Since it

OKAY.com’s Tommy Kwan and Belinda Woo Shared Their Property Market Insights with SCMP

9 July 2020 - SCMP consulted OKAY.com's Tommy Kwan and Belinda Woo about the recent trend of property buyers seeking upscale local residences by the sea and the consequences of this trend. Scroll down to read more! Tommy Kwan, of Okay Property Agency, says the main reason people choose Repulse Bay is for the wide sea view. “You can see as far as Lamma Island on a clear day,” he says. Watching sunsets over the water are particularly peaceful to unwind after work, Kwan adds.

Taiwan & Japan ‘Decoration Lite’ Trend: 14-day Home Transformation

12 June 2020 - Many people's homes in Hong Kong are old not well decorated and show signs of peeling paint. And, the reason for not making improvements is often not a lack of money or living circumstances, but rather it’s because there is just no time to take care of the property. In fact, this problem is not unique to Hong Kong. The concept of ‘decorating lite’ has sprung up in Taiwan and Japan in recent years and is aimed at the busy urbanite. Compared to a complete overhaul home
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