Lee Tung Avenue - Revitalising Traditional Wan Chai

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30 October 2018 - Wan Chai is blessed with an impressive range of lifestyle options. Lee Tung Avenue, Pacific Place, the Starstreet Precinct and Ship Street, all abounding with dining options from gourmet cuisines to local street food. Among these neighbourhoods, Lee Tung Avenue is getting the most attention these days.


Going back to the 80s, Lee Tung Avenue was known by locals as the ‘wedding card street’ because the area was once lined with shops selling wedding products and wedding card printing services. Almost every engaged couple would make a trip to the ‘wedding card street’ before their big day. Even tourists would come here for a glimpse of the Chinese wedding traditions and culture.


Today, Lee Tung Avenue is a tree-lined pedestrian walkway, home to alfresco cafes, gourmet restaurants and boutiques of local and international brands. It has also become a favourite place for festive celebrations, popup exhibitions and art installations that feature the mix of modern artistic elements with traditional Chinese culture.



Heart of Urban Renewal – The Avenue


Lee Tung Avenue has its own MTR station exit and is conveniently located along the tram route and only a short tram ride into the Central business district. Given its ultra-convenient location with superb transport links, Lee Tung Avenue naturally becomes the focal point of urban renewal and latest residential projects. At the heart of these facilities and amenities, The Avenue is one of the most desired landmark developments in the area.


Built in 2014, The Avenue is located between Queen's Road East and Johnston Road, offering units of different sizes from studio suites to spacious three-bedroom apartments. Most units feature an open plan kitchen and come with a balcony where you can enjoy a fantastic view over Wan Chai. The estate has a large clubhouse, a swimming pool and a mall, and is popular with expats and business professionals.



The New Dining Landmark


With Lee Tung Avenue, as well as some other parts of Wan Chai, having undergone significant regeneration in the last few years, food and beverage offerings in the district have also increased. And also since The Avenue was built, the whole area has been lifted up. The pedestrianised street is now lined with colonial-era style buildings with brands, shops, cafes and gourmet restaurants.


From Asian food to internationally inspired cuisines, the selection of restaurants and cafes will please every palate and every price point. The most notable ones include Ashley Sutton’s first Hong Kong bar, Ophelia, Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian bakery with more than 200 locations on five continents, and JoJo, an Indian restaurant that has been serving diners in Wan Chai for over three decades. Alternatively, Wan Chai is also home to some of Hong Kong’s most traditional street food and humble cha chaan tengs.


The Most Sought-After Avenue


Lee Tung Avenue continues to gain fame for its prime location and transport links, high-end residential developments, bars and entertainment spots, and a good supply of dining options and retail outlets. The fusion of old and new is attracting more families and expats to the area - it is set to be one of the most sought-after places to live on the Island side.


Just like this HK$13M 1-bed unit at The Avenue: it has a practical layout with 2 balconies and a fully-equipped open kitchen. It also features a special design bathroom with 2 entrances (from the bedroom and the hallway) and a glass-walled rain shower. The entire unit is in excellent condition—perfect for self-use or as an investment.


For more apartments at The Avenue: https://www.okay.com/en/building/the-avenue---phase-2/7309



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