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Suk Yin (Shirley) is an accomplished real estate professional with more than a decade of experience in managerial roles in the property development industry, NGOs, and the Hong Kong Government. This diverse background, combined with exceptional interpersonal skills, makes her a highly regarded negotiator.

Suk Yin strongly values integrity and a respect for differences, and approaches each client relationship with patience, calm, and personability. She puts her in-depth knowledge of the Hong Kong property market towards providing personalized and professional real estate services while paying close attention to detail. By consistently delivering high-quality sales and leasing services, she has earned the trust of her clients and property owners alike, who know that they can always rely upon her.

In her free time, Suk Yin enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and refining her embroidery skills.


Suk Yin (Shirley) takes the time to understand your requirements, asks the right questions and will only suggest properties that match your requirements. She is also very flexible when it comes to arranging viewings.
Ms. Joanna Ridley
We’ve worked with Suk-yin (Shirley) again this year when our 2-year tenancy contract ran out to find a slightly bigger flat to fit our needs. As before - Shirley was very efficient and went above and beyond so we could rent another beautiful place - super smooth throughout from negotiation to handover.
Ms. Ji Yang Kim
Suk Yin was very patient and very professional. She tried to propose different options to match my need, and offer useful advice. She has been very helpful on the whole process.
Mr Eshien CHONG
We found her to be very patient and calm. She was very responsive. In the end she understood us very well as she found a flat for us and contacted us even before it was on the market. Thanks!
Shirley is a great agent. She is very trustworthy and responsible. I surely shall refer her to my friends who are looking for properties.
Mr Arthur MAK
Seamless experience and Shirley was always available and very patient with us.
Suk Yin is the best, very efficient and always a pleasure to work with.
We didn't really know what we wanted, other than 3-bed and more space, Shirley Suk Yin-li helped us through our changing minds: we started in Tin Hau and then settled on Mid-Levels and then, after seeing dozens of places, had a new idea: Kowloon Tong. Shirley stayed with us all the way and showed us some great places all over town (coming with us on MTR as we don't like motor vehicle transport!) and in the end we found the perfect apartment, beyond expectations and a real find. Good job Shirley, thanks for your great efforts, most agents would get frustrated when the client keep changing the budget, the district, the size etc etc. Shirley was also very helpful during the handover process, with utilities and internet and some minor works required. Thanks, and Shirley, great job, highly recommended.
Mr. James Ockenden
This is the second time Suk-Yin assisted us in finding a home. Suk-Yin is a dependable and knowledgeable real estate agent, and is always well prepared. This time she once again found us a place within my budget and ambitious timeline, while meeting all of my expectations. We are grateful to have found Suk-Yin!
Ms. Jo Liu
Suk-Yin's dedication and patience was remarkable. Excellent and detailed follow up and had been very considerate and not pushy at all which is a big difference from other property agents we have met before. Really appreciate.
Ms. Shirley Percy Hughes
Shirley was patient whilst we looked at many properties and once we’d found one we liked she’s been very helpful working with the landlord and their representative to fix up issues.
Mrs. Clara Metcalfe
Suk Yin was very patient and very professional. She tried to propose different options to match my need, and offer useful advice. She has been very helpful on the whole process.
Mr. Zhong
Suk Yin (Shirley) was very warm, friendly and helpful. She provided a number of options for us to look at. She was patient and accommodating with our requests to revisit apartments we liked. She gave gentle reminders of what to look out for and also cared about details that we may have overlooked. It was a pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend Shirley to my friends.
Suk Yin (Shirley) was very supportive and patient in finding me the best apartment. I’d provide her with ideas here and there and she always responded back quickly with many options. She’d also prepared booklet for every viewing as well as detailed handover report at the end, which I find to be very nice features the company provides. It was definitely a pleasant experience working with Shirley and OKAY Property. I’d love to refer her/the company to my friends.
Ms. Yang YI
Suk Yin (Shirley) truly listens and understands our needs. All her property proposals matched the requirements we put forward (you know, most agents just sell what they want to sell and propose flats way out of the client’s budget!). In the course of confirming the contract, her swift response to our numerous requests and questions, and that all the paper works were decently processed indeed helped relieve our stress of moving home. After moving in, Shirley closely followed up with us and made sure we were all settled in. Highly recommend Shirley, the most decent property agent we have encountered, and for your flat hunt.
Ms. Jo LIU
Her very quick response rate, great service, professional advice and human touch. We are very happy with the service she provided us!
Mr. Daryl Joshua VAN DER TUIN


豐盛苑 - 租盤 - 492 尺 - HK$ 980萬 - #34416
豐盛苑 980萬
維德大廈 - 租盤 - 901 尺 - HK$ 1,780萬 - #375504
維德大廈 1,780萬
福澤花園 - 租盤 - 733 尺 - HK$ 1,600萬 - #50070
福澤花園 1,600萬
藍塘大廈 - 租盤 - 1153 尺 - HK$ 1,550萬 - #731310
藍塘大廈 1,550萬
富臨軒 - 租盤 - 1014 尺 - HK$ 1,680萬 - #399146
富臨軒 1,680萬
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