Jody Wong 黃燕珠

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Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Prior to joining, Jody was a buyer in the merchandising field for various fashion brands. She expertise in connecting different buyers and vendors, to provide services from product development to product delivery.

Being an enthusiastic and experienced matchmaker, Jody shifted her career from merchandising & financial planning industry to the real estate industry. Her life-long career mission is unwavering, regardless of any fields – it is to help her clients to find out the best match. Jody's strong interpretation skills, communication skills, negotiation skills as well as problem-solving skills from her previous work experiences, and the use of expectation balancing, helped her to always maintain a long-term and win-win relationship for both buyers and vendors.

Jody was also once a financial planning advisor, a similar job nature of being a real estate agent. She fully understands the importance of listening to clients with patience and empathy is the key to success. She ensures her client receives the best offer in every way she can. The core value of "One Client One Agent", inspires her to become a better agent not only to become more focus at work without any unnecessary competitions within the team, the unique sharing culture of the team further captivates her.

Jody is an energetic person who enjoys playing softball and Wing Chun during her leisure time! She has been playing softball since her adolescence and actively participated in the Hong Kong League Competition, she is also a former Hong Kong Team Member who participated in several Asia tournaments!


She is thorough, patient, gentle. She was a very pleasant person to work with. She put our home in her heart and I know she did her research for us and showed us places that were suitable.
Rachel Ngan
She was timely with her responses and follow ups. Good attention to detail and service all round!
Ms. Yvonne Yee Kei Li
Jody is extremely helpful and it’s an amazing journey with her. She understands what we need and willing to explore more options for us. She is attentive, flexible, very hard working and professional. With Jody, my husband and I are able to find our dream apartment with a great deal. Jody will go for an extra mile for the after-sales service, she is more than an agent to us. I will only recommend her in the future. I have a wonderful experience with OKAY.COM too.
Mrs. Wendy Ma
She was extremely flexible and understood my requirements well.
Neil Ramchandran
She was an extremely helpful real estate agent... highly recommend her.
Mr. Diarmid Crawford Massey
Jody is extremely polite and professional, handling all issues with expediency and evident experience.
Kofi Owusu-Ansah
She was very attentive and helpful.
Mr. Ronald Cordova
I was starting to get frustrated while working with several different agencies that did not seem to understand my concerns, until I met Jody. She actually managed to convince me to take a unit in a building I had already viewed with a different agency and said no to. The reason was her attention to detail and her thoughtful explanations as to why she still thought it was a good choice for me. She listened carefully and empathetically to all my needs and preferences. She also managed to execute the entire process from viewing to handover with efficiency. I am extremely pleased with my new home and feel lucky that Jody was able to help me. She is thorough, goes above and beyond, and is extremely professional. I would absolutely recommend and Jody due to my very positive experience! Thank you very much!
Ms. Yuhyun LEE
Jody is professional. She addressed and resolved issues before client realized a problem may exist. Jody simplified the stressful, time consuming experience of searching for a new home, saved inordinate quantities of client billable time through her excellent efficiency. She listened to client and is a delightful, cordial person whose interest was to help the client find the "perfect new home." I highly recommended Jody to my professional and personal contacts as "THE" agent for any and all Real Estate requirements. In conclusion, Jody is simply wonderful!
a Hong Kong physician [M.D.]


駿豪閣 - 租盤 - 802 尺 - HK$ 2,600萬 - #64222
駿豪閣 2,600萬
成和道21-23號 - 租盤 - 722 尺 - HK$ 818萬 - #371206
成和道21-23號 818萬
雋琚 - 租盤 - 427 尺 - HK$ 1,300萬 - #293383
雋琚 1,300萬
穎章大廈 - 租盤 - 1116 尺 - HK$ 2,050萬 - #97544
穎章大廈 2,050萬
雨時大廈 - 租盤 - 770 尺 - HK$ 1,800萬 - #149100
雨時大廈 1,800萬
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