Six Qualities That Make an Outstanding Property Agent

Posted: Aug 16 2019Last Updated: Aug 16 2019

16 August 2019 - “Home is where the heart is”, and where one feels completely at ease and safe; home is where one can relax after a long day at work, a sanctuary much needed for you to restore the important balance between work and life. The first crucial step to own a dream home, whether through buying or renting, for yourself or for your family as well, is the assistance from a professional, qualified and thoughtful real estate agent who strives to tackle all challenges with you. Here are six qualities all high-calibre agents share: 


1. Rich Market and Local Knowledge

Most property agents know a certain area particularly well and can provide valuable information about the properties, neighborhoods, schools, transport and even the best cafes. Veteran agents can also align your needs and preferences with the most suitable units, as well as offer updated information about the sometimes volatile property market. agents are more than happy to go that extra mile to design a personalised analysis for our customers. A tailor-made analysis delivered by our best-performing agents is highly valuable for those who have yet to figure out details such as the area, and/or the kind of configuration that suit them best.

2. Superb Reputation

Qualified, helpful agents are out there but they are not necessarily easy to find. Seek out those who have in the past assisted people who you know well, such as your family and friends, who have a good reputation and strong work ethics - these qualities in an agent can raise your chances of success; asking people you trust can also potentially cut your research time. Make a list of agents you’ve identified and look them up online - chances are most of their information and comments about them are only one click away - and if you have time, visit the area and ask around. Most people who have experienced the exciting yet exhausting journey of house hunting would be willing to share some insider knowledge and useful tips. pride ourselves as a prop-tech pioneer, and we make sure to include detailed profiles of and reviews for each agent listed on our websites for you to make an informed judgement.

3. Good Track Record

The track record of real estate agents speak for themselves so do pay attention to their transaction record, the type of properties they have in hands, their selling strategies and style etc. makes it easy for agents to disclose their profiles, transaction history and reviews from their previous customers, just so you can make comparisons easily with all necessary information at your fingertips.

4. Customers = Priority

A good property agent closes deals, but an excellent one has your interest at heart, listens attentively and tries his/her best to understand exactly what it is you need and want. An outstanding agent is respectful, communicates well and frequently and most of all, pledges to do his/her best during bidding and counter-offering.


5. Effective Communication

Effective, timely communication between an agent and a customer ensures there is no room for misunderstanding, errors or missed opportunities. Tracking down an agent who is patient and good at communication, can anticipate your needs and happy to answer and good at solving problems is pretty much like hitting the jackpot in the sea of information - which is when’s highly intuitive, customer-oriented and comprehensive database comes in handy.

6. Full Service

A capable agent knows his/her job is to stand by you at all times and assist you before, during and after a transaction with updated information from the sellers and the market. In order to perfect the user-experience, agents also share their knowledge and experience in areas such as moving and renovation, which is especially helpful for those who are new to Hong Kong, as well as first-time home buyers. 

House hunting is hardly as straightforward as choosing a property; budget, location, space and lifestyle are just among a few factors that sometimes cloud our judgement and on which we’d like professional advice. Apart from the six tips above that will help you select a wonderful agent,’s top-notch online platform can be that last nudge you need to finish your house-hunting journey in style. The hub’s user-friendly design allows agents to post details about properties, share resources among each other and update information conveniently and efficiently, which in turn benefit our customers in their decision-making. On top of that, our generous commission attracts only the best of the best. Our agents prioritise their customers, be them buyers or sellers, and have only one goal in mind: help you secure the key to your dream home.



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