5 Things You Didn't Know About Discovery Bay in Hong Kong

Posted: May 25 2018Last Updated: May 25 2018
25 May 2018 - The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong can get overwhelming. While living in the heart of the city has its perks, the excitement can get old if you lack quiet time. Luckily, Hong Kong is blessed with outlying islands, one of which is Discovery Bay. Before you start house-hunting, here are five things you should know about Discovery Bay in Hong Kong:
It’s a 30-minute ferry ride from Central
One of the main concerns of living on outlying islands is the commute—the long waiting times and ferry rides may put some people off, but the great thing about Discovery Bay is that it’s only a 30-minute ferry ride away from the Central Ferry Pier, and ferry rides are usually just 15 minutes apart. Since the ferry service is available 24/7, you can easily get home after a long night out.
Private cars aren’t allowed in this neighbourhood
You know you’re in Discovery Bay when you see golf carts all around the neighbourhood. Since private cars are not allowed, people drive golf carts around, which provide a safer road environment. If you’re planning to get a golf cart in Discovery Bay, do keep in mind that only residents who own property can buy one—and prices are known to cost more than a luxury car.
Discovery Bay comprises mix of low-rise blocks, high-rise apartments and stand-alone houses. Pictured: Positano Discovery Bay
You can live on a houseboat at the Marina
For the adventurous types, you can unleash your inner pirate by living on a houseboat at the Marina. Imagine waking up to beautiful sunrises by the sea and being rocked to sleep by the natural motion of the water. Although living on a boat sounds like a dream, it can get pricey. You might also want to crash at a friend’s place during typhoon season.
Discovery Bay has its own set of international schools 
Discovery Bay has a reputation for being family-friendly, but did you know that the neighbourhood has its own set of international schools as well? Since there is a kindergarten, primary school and secondary school at the Discovery Bay International school, you don’t have to worry about long commutes or your children switching schools to different neighbourhoods.
It’s close to Hong Kong Disneyland
One of the great perks of living in Discovery Bay is how close it is to Hong Kong Disneyland—simply take the Discovery Bay shuttle bus to Sunny Bay MTR station, then take one short MTR ride to arrive at Disneyland. The short commute makes it very convenient for you to have a family day at Disneyland.
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