Tag: Tommy Kwan Promote Marina South on Cable TV

12 August 2019 -’s agent Tommy Kwan is featured on Cable TV’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 3 August 2019, where he showcased an apartment in Marina South, Aberdeen.
By: Tommy Kwan CEO Joshua Miller Featured on Mid-levels Magazine

8 August 2019 - In an interview with Mid-levels Magazine, CEO Joshua Miller shared his thoughts on rental trend in Hong Kong. here are some of the highlights: Rents in Hong Kong have continued to inch upwards this year, fueled by broadly positive sentiment in the overall markets (including the financial markets).  We did see a brief abat
By: Joshua Han Miller Nina Schulte-Mattler & Liza Boltz Promote Positano, Discovery Bay on Cable TV

19 June 2019 -’s agents Nina Schulte-Mattler and Liza Boltz are featured on Cable TV’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 15 June 2019, where they showcased a Sole Agent apartment in Positano, Discovery Bay.
By: Liza Boltz

New On Market: The Consonance, North Point

4 April 2019 - Hong Kong’s property market is ready to soar back in the Year of the Pig after a steady decline of 10-20% since August 2018. New single-block developments remain higher demand among young buyers. In March, Henderson Land has unveiled its brand new single-block development project, The Consonance, with a price range of HK$5.2 to HK$7
By: Director Andrea Adams Ott Promotes Cherry Crest on TVB

4 April 2019 -’s Director (Residential Division) Andrea Ott was featured on TVB’s Hong Kong property program “Closer Look At Property” (「樓市點睇」) on 1 April 2019, where she showcased an apartment in Cherry Crest, Mid-levels West.
By: Andrea Adams Ott Hiroko Byrne & Amelia Ng Promote Redhill Peninsula on iCable

29 March 2019 -’s agents Hiroko Byrne and Amelia Ng were featured on iCable’s Hong Kong property program “Property Outlook” (「樓盤傳真」) on 23 March 2019, where they showcased an apartment in Redhill Peninsula, Tai Tam.
By: Amelia Ng


2019年2月28日 - 財政司司長陳茂波在最新一份《財政預算案》就土地及房屋方面的政策有以下措施: ·         政府無意撤銷樓市「辣招」·         19/20年度賣地計劃共15幅住宅用地·         預計可建8,800多個單位·         全年潛在土地可建約1.55萬個單位·         未來5年:公屋建屋量約為10.04萬個,私人住宅單位的每年平均落成量約為1.88萬個·         撥20億元支持非政府機構興建過渡性房屋 OKAY.COM認為政府並未有為樓市加辣或減辣,是由於對樓市存在不確定性,政府預計未來五年(即2019至2023年)的每年私人住宅單位平均落成量約為1.88萬伙,表面看似比過去5年平均數增加約20%;但有關數字與去年預算案目標每年


2019年2月4日- 即將踏入農曆新年,亦代表己亥豬年正式開始。根據中國傳統曆法及堪輿學,每一年的運程都會有所不同。如果你今年打算置業,可以好好考慮上車的時機及方位。以下是一些豬年置業的小貼士。一、天時:樓市跌幅收窄豬年的立夏之後會開始旺火,而火生土,則可帶動樓市向上發展。因此,樓市於上半年將會於低位徘徊,及至下半年跌幅開始收窄,甚至有機會出現反彈,寄望樓市大跌的人士可能會大失所望;若有意買樓自住或投資,則須留意樓市可能出現的變數。 二、地利:宜買西區雖然整體而言,豬年的樓市有下滑的趨勢,但是全港十八區總有幾區的樓市表現較好。2019年一白這顆財星飛臨正西方,會帶來財運,增強人緣和桃花運,因此,選擇西區例如西環及西營盤的樓盤會較為理想。而農曆二月、六月、十月及十二月皆為這方位最吉利的月份,

Affordable (relatively) but very sought-after homes in Mid-Levels Central

4 February 2019 - Since the early colonial days, the Mid-Levels has been the place of residence of government officials and the wealthy ones. Today, it is still an area where billionaires and celebrities alike choose to live, including Hong Kong actor Cheung Ka-Fai, Hong Kong’s former chief executive Tung Chee-Hwa, the family of the late Hang Seng
By: as speaker in Big Data & Machine Learning Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2018 ​

17 December 2018 - was honored to be invited as speaker at the Big Data & Machine Learning Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2018 held on the 6th December 2018 at the InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong.  Our CTO, Mr. Torbjorn Dimblad explored how technology is already disrupting the real estate industry and shed some light on how Blockchai